Random Rambling About (My) Short Stories…

I am in the editing stage of a book of short stories.  This will be different from my other two books of short fiction in a number of ways.  The other two were both pretty eclectic, while this is all science fiction.  Seasons of Imagination had 36 stories and totaled about 71K words.  Embers had 22 stories and totaled about 90K words.  This book will only have 11 stories and be close to 75K words, so the average story length, having jumped for Embers, has jumped again.

I like short stories.  I like to read them, and I like to write them.  Although I like the novels and longer novellas I put out, I think my short stories (and short novellas) as given in these three collections are my best works of fiction.  I know this format is not the best if trying to sell books, but…  Both Seasons of Imagination and Embers have sold better than The Old Mill or The Haley Branch and much, much better than my two fantasy novellas, so…  They also each have almost as many reviews (or at least stars) as those three put together.

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Feather Cloud #writephoto

Feather Cloud – Image by A Kehas

I lay down in feathered sleep where dreams and visions mix with the real world around me.  The spirits of the ancestors surrounded me and spoke to me as I floated in the part trance, part waking, part sleep that was so important to the Seeing. 

I say the ancestors surrounded me, but that was not quite true.  I knew the stories and legends and so understood that our people had moved in from the west and the way east was unexplored.  Yes, we have journeyed for days to the east, but never venturing beyond what we knew was safe.

The cold winters have become colder, the glacier has approached.  We had moved from the land of the ancestors to the west when my grandfather’s grandfather was a small child.  We occasionally met with our kin, but they have grown strange.

Or we have.

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The Porthole

PHOTO PROMPT© Roger Bultot

I really like Grandpa’s study, but it is a bit creepy.  You see, he has a porthole to another world, a world that is strange and distorted.

My older brother tells me that I am full of beans, that I’m just seeing a mirror.  But why does it look so funny?  He said it’s “con-hexed” or something.  I knew there was magic involved!

When I asked Mom, she said, “Go ask Alice.  I think she’ll know.”

Who’s Alice?

And why did Uncle Bill laugh and call Mom “Grace”?

Grandpa is no longer here.

He must have gone through the porthole.


word count = 100

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Expedition #senryu

setting out
explore the unknown
find her heart


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week we were to write a poem on a theme. the theme was “expedition”. I chose a senryu.

For those who don’t know, a senryu shares the form of a haiku, but is about human foibles, love, awkward moments, etc. There should be some humor, sarcasm and/or irony present. This is all condensed from Collen’s “cheat sheet” :)

(I’ll admit, I drew a complete blank this week….)

The Weekly Smile for the 26th of July, 2021 #weeklysmile

I am going to chose a very strange weekly smile this week! Well, before I get to it, I will talk about a few minor smiles – I did some drawing and computer art that I thought turned out well. I’m looking at book covers, so I can’t share quite yet… I also did some writing, which is always nice, and enjoyed some reading. None of that is worth an entire “Smile” post, and most of the week was pretty normal, except that I was carless. Is that word? Anyway, I was without a car from Sunday through Saturday.

I’ve written about my car woes elsewhere, and they are not really smile worthy, so I won’t mention that part here. But there is the sequel…

Although it has been nice since I picked up the car so I have been driving with the windows down, I did check out the air system. It actually works and the entire car doesn’t shake when I turn it on! The blower is fine, the air conditioner cools and the heater heats.

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The Weekly Smile Recap for 7/19 – 7/25/2021 #weeklysmile

He all! Although there seems to be a major blogging slowdown in the heart of the summer (for us Northern Hemisphere folk), there where a few great smiles. Why don’t you take a look?

Trent’s World
Sillyfrog’s Blog
The Hidden Edge
A Day in the Life
Tessa Dean – Author
Wind Kisses
Touring My Backyard

Not the largest collection of all times, but all are great :)

I will post this week’s smile in about an hour. What made you smile?

If We Were Having Coffee on the 24th of July, 2021 #weekendcoffeeshare

Hello and welcome! Come on over and take a seat. You can look off into the woods while I get you a mug of very strong dark roast, a cuppa tea or other beverage. It is a little cool this morning, but it will warm up into a nice late July day. Where are we? Some may recognize that photo as begin from New Hampshire.

OK, the big thing this week was my car, or lack there of. I was almost back from Cape Cod on Sunday when my car over heated. A few long waits while it cooled didn’t do any good. Anyway, So I left it for four hours while I went and got some coolant. Yeah, it leaked out as I was putting it in – not good! By the time I got home it was dry, though not overheated yet. I charged it (plug in hybrid = about 20 miles all electric) so I could drive it to get serviced. There were other issues, so I had them look at several things. Besides wildlife destroying pieces parts inside of the car and making a mess, there was a new water pump for the coolant (no animals involved in that one). I should be able to pick it up this afternoon….

This week there was work, dog walks and play, my walks and play, cat walks and play…. I ran once (been off running this summer!) but I should run today. Exercise. Reading and writing. Playing music (keyboards) and drawing.

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Subsea #writephoto

Subsea – Image by KL Caley

Ed couldn’t believe his luck.

It was in relatively shallow water and pretty close to the coast.  It was off of the beaten path, but still within an area known to tourists. It should not have existed, but there it was.

He rushed back to his room and did some searches, just to make sure it wasn’t known.  He was positive he would have seen something about it if it were well known, but he had to look.

Ed was touring the Greek isles and was spending a day snorkeling just off of one of the lesser-known ones.  He wasn’t an expert or anything, but he enjoyed it, and the crystal-clear water was just so amazing.

But then he had found it.

An ancient shipwreck.

Though shallow, it was too deep for him to do more than catch a glimpse of some perfectly preserved timber and a few large jars or amphora. 

How had this gone unnoticed?  Had a storm recently cleared off the sand and silt, exposing it for the first time in millennia?  It didn’t matter, it was there and he knew that he was the first to see it.

Of course, he would report it.  He had to.  But he decided to go back out and take another look.  Of course, taking anything would be completely illegal, but if something small, say a coin, somehow stuck to his hand, well…

Ed hyperventilated for a moment, took a huge breath, grabbed the heavy rock off of his inflatable, and dove with the help of that weight.

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PHOTO PROMPT© Na’ama Yehuda

…so the entire invasion fleet descended on the unsuspecting Earth, those mighty, golden battle stations promising high energy death!  Unfortunately, due to a size miscalculation, as well as a misunderstanding of the exact “hardness” of Earth, the entire fleet was destroyed when a cat nudged each battle station off of the picnic table where they landed.  One, however, was saved by a crow who liked the shiny object and…

Give me a break!  It’s just a Christmas bulb someone left in the tree as decoration!  Boys…

Christmas bulb?!?  Wow, it is so sad how deluded some people can be.  Girls…


word count = 100

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