A Face in a Flash

Boston T Red Line - by Trent P McDonald

A face in a flash
Nameless girl in the third car
Her eyes followed me

Has a new face ever appeared in your life only to disappear just as quickly?  Have you watched the subway riders as a train approached the station? I once thought of the nameless people flashing by me and thought it would make a great song. I called this hypothetical song “A Face in a Flash”. Only, it just didn’t work, the words wouldn’t come. I tried to force it, but nothing. Earlier tonight as I reread the story I wrote and posted yesterday, “A Brief Encounter”,  the words “a face in a flash” came back to me. I took the half page of failed song and boiled them down to the haiku above.

Inspiration can be found everywhere, from a anonymous face in a train window to an awful song.  Nothing is wasted.


Sketch by Trent P McDonald

7 thoughts on “A Face in a Flash

  1. pranita patra

    It does happen. and I feel like I am going to remember that face, but alas, I guess those few seconds aren’t enough for the brain to record an image and store it! But then there are those very few faces, or a look in the eye that is sort of ingrained in mind! :)


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’ll admit that I usually don’t remember the actual faces of people that I briefly connect with. I think that connection is what grabs all of my attention instead of the actual features of the person. But, as you said, there might be a special face or a look in the eye that sticks.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Karen! It seems like WP doesn’t want you commenting on or liking my posts. Really weird. Well, both like and comment are here now – thanks!



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