The Thinker

The Thinker

I like to watch you think
As you ponder thoughts quite bold
I’ve seen you many times
For years you never grow old

Perched high in your garden
In the Parisian elite
The world comes to see you
To pay homage at your feet

They take pictures of you
But you notice not one bit
Concentration alone
Focuses your every wit

What do you think about
As years swiftly pass you by?
Where is your mind right now
Sitting in your seat so high?

All man’s philosophy
The meaning of why we’re here
Death and the Universe
On all of the things out there

I leave you to your thoughts
Walk along another path
Out of your stern glory
At last I can breathe and laugh

But you are always there
In my mind your story’s told
Still thinking your deep thoughts
Imagining things quite bold


Photo by Trent P McDonald

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