On the Internet Nobody Knows You’re a Monster – Short Fiction

On the Internet nobody

A New Life, part 3  (part 1) (part 2)

The doctor told me I need to stay inside and rest.  He feels the little adventures outside were a bit much for my fragile nervous system and heart.  That’s OK, I can stay in for a while, I just wish he didn’t have to keep me locked in my room.  On the other hand, I figured out a way to sneak into the house when he isn’t around.  These days he’s been away quite a bit.

Last week he was the keynote speaker at a microbiology seminar in Boston.  The week before it was some genetics get-together in San Francisco.  This week it’s the International Malicious Association of Disturbed Scientists (International MAD Scientists) gathering in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh I believe.  I’ve had quite a lot of time to explore the house and dungeons.  The lab and office are my favorite places.

The doctor has a computer in his office and I’ve been playing around with it.  It took me a while to figure out his password.  “Wollstonecraft” was just too obvious, I should have tried it first.  Once I got past that little hurdle, why, there’s a whole wide world out there to explore.  There’s a huge amount, maybe even a one followed by a hundred zeroes places, if the search is correctly named.

Oh, there are Tweets and Tumbles, Faces and Spaces, Forums and Agoras, Links and logs, Chats and Blogs: so much interaction and chances to meet all types of people from across the street to the far corners of the Earth and beyond.  Now I have dozens of followers and hundreds of friends.  I keep finding more, the list never ends.

I don’t want the doctor finding out I’ve been making new friends so I use a pseudonym.  Typically I sign in as Frank.  If I need a full name I’ll use “Frank Stone”.  Sometimes I make “Norman” my middle name or use the initial “N”.  I even have some accounts as a woman, “Mary Godwin”.

Everyone is so courteous.  Just yesterday somebody used the honorific “Mutant Freak” when talking about me.  I was pleased and embarrassed, but I’m honest.  I explained that I’m not really a mutant, the genetic algorithm the doctor used had some unintended side effects but they couldn’t be considered mutations as they were built in.  And, of course, I can’t really be a freak of nature if I’m not natural, now can I?  He didn’t answer.

I’ve had quite a few interesting discussions about GMOs.  It seems everyone has an opinion on creating new forms of life through genetic manipulation.  Some laughed at my description of using modified viruses to plant new genetic material in dead tissue and then shocking the tissue to life with half a billion volts.  People must have been doing it for years and so they all think I’m a simpleton for bringing it up as if it were cutting edge research.

Religion is also exciting.  This morning someone was asking me about my relationship with my creator.  I said it’s pretty good, though he has banished me from the garden since, through my thirst for knowledge, I destroyed his apple tree.  The man typed “Amen, brother”.  I then explained that the only reason I was able to get onto the computer was that my creator was in Pittsburgh for the week.  He tried to correct me, saying the creator is in Heaven.  I told him I saw the reservations at the travel site, Canoe, and know exactly where he is.  The man then wrote…

Oops, I hear the doctor’s car!  He’s home early!  Sorry, I need to shut things down and sneak back into my room in the dungeon.  I’ll write more later.

I really like meeting all of my new friends.  People seem more willing to talk to me if all they see is a picture of a daisy.  I like having a daisy represent me.  I like the anonymity.  On the Internet nobody knows you’re a … oops, gotta go.  Good bye!
A New Life:
Part 1: First Day Out
Part 2: The Garden

The story continues! Part 4: The Dinner Guest

Sketch by Trent P McDonald

21 thoughts on “On the Internet Nobody Knows You’re a Monster – Short Fiction

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  7. Jodee

    I totally enjoyed reading your story, thanks for sharing. I’m more into digital creations. I create digital landscapes and backgrounds for a new comic that is about kindness and respect. I like discovering talents …!


  8. Dottie

    Love this Trent. I laughed & laughed. The original is one of my favorite books of all time. Especially enjoyed the anachronism (sp) of the Mad scientists.


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