Elliot Carter McDonald 12/22/2009 – 2/4/2014 – A Photo Memorial

Our Boxer, Elliot Carter McDonald (named after great composer Elliott Carter) was with us 4 short years.  In that time I took many hundreds of photos.  Here are a few:

Most pictures are, of course, his puppy-hood.

(Note – Click on an image to bring up slideshow with captions)

12 thoughts on “Elliot Carter McDonald 12/22/2009 – 2/4/2014 – A Photo Memorial

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  5. captureyouphotography

    I love the pictures it is so amazing how fast they grow. He was way to young to leave this earth so soon. I see so much of Daisy in him those running leaps, the playing keep away. She also has to be kept on a leash here because she runs off and wants me to chase her across 2 acres or more. Its been cold so I do not play that game very well. I know you both will miss him so much. Nice gallery.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Sonya. They do grow so fast – I took a new batch of photos every couple of weeks for several months and the changes were remarkable. There is something special about boxers and they do love to run. And yes, he left us way, way too soon…..



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