Take a Hike, Kid

Take a Hike

Feeling kind of down
Can’t get no inspiration
Walk does world of good


Beethoven used to split his time between the country in the summer and Vienna in the winter.  The hard, sitting at the desk/piano writing out and correcting scores would happen during the colder months in the city.  He was a worker who agonized over every note, writing and rewriting until it was perfect.

The summer months, though, are what fascinate me.  There are stories of the “madman” walking around the countryside singing off key at the top of his lungs.  Of course he didn’t hear it and the locals felt that he was harmless as long as he didn’t upset the livestock overly much.  Suddenly, this hatless man with his wild hair would stop, take a notebook out of his jacket and start writing furiously.  Inspiration had hit and the germ of some great composition just had its genesis.

My blog has been pretty silent the last week or so.  Oh, there have been a few posts, but not many.

Seems I’ve hit another little roadblock.  It isn’t a huge one and I’m not immobile.  I spent quite a few days editing some other work and not writing for the blog.  But I need a few fresh posts: it’s time to jump back in again.

How does one go about getting a new idea?  Truthfully, I have quite a few ideas, but they are all reserved for a future date.  I need something now.  How can I turn on the spigot and start putting words on screen?  Where is that magic valve?

Back in December I wrote a post, The Unwritten Backstory, which mentioned my writing process, or at least one aspect of it.  I find I often do my best thinking, and therefore my best writing, on my feet.  I go out and take a long walk.  It’s amazing how much I can get done while strolling around.  Funny thing though, most people seem to think walking is wasting time.  If I’m walking I must be goofing off or procrastinating.  Everyone knows you can only do real work sitting at a desk or using some sort of physical tool.

If your main work takes place in your head, why do you need to be at a certain place?  There does need to be a way to record the thoughts, but often the main points and important parts can be brought up later.

A walk lets me clear my mind.  I feel more alert.  Things are fresher.  I can quickly come up with ideas and throw them out again if they don’t work.  I can shuffle things around: fold, spindle and mutilate them.  Sometimes I seem to be in a Zen state and yet someplace in the subconscious the wheels are spinning and work is getting done.  I stop and write things out like I’m taking dictation as my brain recites them to me.

Of course nothing I’ve done is in the same league as Beethoven, but who knows?  Maybe after some long walk I’ll have the greatest idea of my life.

So it’s settled, I’ll take my walk.  I’ll go out and see if I can write a post for today.  Maybe today when hoofing it around the neighborhood I’ll come up with some clever idea that you’ll see here.  Walk and think, I think I’ll walk.  So what should today’s post be about…?


Note: This post was written a week ago for my first Haiku Hai-Tuesday.  Unfortunately the Universe had other plans.  So when I wrote that I’ve had few posts lately, I’m talking from the perspective of last week…


Silly Sketch by Trent P McDonald

7 thoughts on “Take a Hike, Kid

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  2. sonyaliraphotography

    Mine are organized by day,month and year that is pretty much it. If I am looking for a flower picture I might have to check 15 days of folders. I am thinking that if I have a folder named flowers and move all the flowers into that it might help. Then do the same thing with dogs, landscapes, family etc.. I hate looking through a lot of pictures to find the one I need. I am going to try and do better this year LOL.


  3. sonyaliraphotography

    Last year I had the one blog and I barely kept up with it. This year now that I have two I seem to do a much better job of posting on them both. I do post more on the new one because it is easier to post on it. The only way I can post often is with a picture without a picture I get brain fog.Sometimes I look at some of my pictures and think wow I could get lost in that picture. Then I think maybe I should write a short story about that picture then I say ” nahhh” and I grab my camera for more inspiration. It is not like I do not have 5 external drives full of pictures but the thing is my pictures are unorganized and I have a lot of work to do to fix that. I think I would rather take more pictures than do that.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Which I guess is why you are a professional photographer ; ) For the most part my photos are organized first by camera (folder each), then year then date I download. Under that I have a folder for “good” – named pictures I’ve worked on in PS. Under that is “web” – a folder of reduced sized pictures for posting here or on facebook. Sometimes, like doing Elliot’s memorial, I’ll dig through and copy pictures over to a seperate special folder with the name. I don’t have as much as you but i do have almost 200 GB going back to 2001.



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