Snow Report (Haiku)

Snow Robin

Ten inches of snow
Freezing rain throughout the night
Three more this morning


A Haiku snow report?  Why not!  Actually, by this morning the rain had compacted the snow down to a total of about eight inches.  Eight inches of wet cement that hardened as the day got colder into cold concrete.

Our house was surrounded by hundreds of robins.  I counted over 25 in one small bush.  Aren’t robins the harbingers of Spring?  One can only hope.


Photo by Trent P McDonald

4 thoughts on “Snow Report (Haiku)

  1. captureyouphotography

    Beautiful picture. The Robins did the same thing here about 2 weeks ago all of a sudden they were all over the place.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Sonya. Does that mean it will be as warm here in 2 weeks as it is in East Texas now? What was strange about the robins here is they were literally around my house but nowhere else. Well, the neigboring houses, but very localised. Then they were gone. I’m not sure if they were migrating as a group, just hang together to make the winter easier or what. And a shot of texas weather right now would feel nice but it has to go away by summer – I spent a year in Dallas and there is a reason I am way up north and not there any more – my body doesn’t function in the heat.



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