Start a Journey

Small Step

Take a single step
Like Neil up there on the Moon
No start, no success


I resolve to quit procrastinating and take action!  I start tomorrow….

Is this your life?  It sure is mine.  Why is starting something new so hard?  Past experience proves that once the wheels are rolling things become very easy, yet we still put things off.  What is it about humans that cause us to delay, to procrastinate?

Oh, we’ve heard all of the clichés: A journey of a thousand miles, etc., etc.  We know they are true.  We’ve experienced it a thousand times.  We delay and put off, but once we begin things start happening.  Still we procrastinate.

Although humans are built this way, people do take that first step.  They do take the initiative.  New projects are started all of the time.  Boundaries are pushed.  Those journeys are begun.

Sure there are missteps and false beginnings.  When Neil took that first step all of those years ago nobody doubted that we’d be on Mars by the year 2000.  Little did we know that 2 ½ years later we’d leave the Moon and not return for at least 40 years, most likely 50 years or more, being content to play in our back yard barely above the sky.  Does that make his first step towards the stars any less important?  Of course not!

Several times in my life I’ve written a book in my head.  I always assumed it was too much work to write it out.  Last year I decided to try.  A little over 3 months later I wrote the last sentence.  There have been 2 major rewritings and a handful of minor ones since.  But it all started by putting that first word down on the page.

A letter, a word, a sentence, a paragraph, it starts small and snowballs.

So where does your imagination want to take you today?  Go ahead and make that first step.  You can’t get there if you don’t start.


Drawing by Trent P McDonald

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    I have been so straight out today I don’t have time to write haiku! So I’m going to reblog this one about taking the initiative and starting something, anything. Who says i don’t understand irony; )



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