Enough About the Kayak Already


Go to Google and put in the following search term: Jackson Journey review

Done?  Notice anything?  One of the top pages is from Trent’s World Blog.  Typically it’s been at the number three slot.  That’s right, little ole Trent’s World Blog seems to be the authoritative source for information about the Jackson Journey Kayak, thank you very much.

As the weather gets warmer (in theory at least: it was Five below Zero F this morning) people’s thoughts start turning to watersport.  “Wouldn’t beginning the kayaking season with a new boat be great?  Hey, why don’t I do a little research?”  So I’ve been getting some hits.  Not a huge amount, but constant.  Very few days go by without at least one hit and often I get five or more.  Sure, it’s more of a trickle than a torrent, but there’s enough of a flow to float a, well, I can’t use the word ‘kayak’ here, can I?

The review was my fifth post and was written in the early days of my blog, back in that ancient era called “November 2013”; early November 2013 at that.  Back then I was still using the kitchen sink approach to blogging while now I’ve narrowed it down a little.  OK, I’ve narrowed it down a small, microscopic amount.  I’m sure you’ve noticed this slimming down, right?  No?

I’ve thought about doing reviews of other products, such as my Ford C-Max Energi, but I’ve resisted.  I want my blog to be about writing, creativity and such.  Well, I want at least a large chunk of the focus to be on writing, creativity and such.  What do kayaks (or cars for that matter) have to do with writing, creativity and such?  Hmm, if you put it that way I guess I need to find a way to make a product review reflect the idea of writing, creativity and such.  Isn’t that what being creative is about?  Oh well, that’s a topic for another discussion.

None of this should matter much.  I should be happy, even ecstatic, to be getting all of the search engine traffic.  The issue is if I like a post on your blog or start following you, Word Press sends you an e-mail that says, “Great posts worth seeing from trentpmcd”.  I’m sure my review of the Jackson Journey is one of my “great posts” since it finds its place near the top of the list most weeks and is my all-time top post, even beating out my “About” page.  (My home page still has by far the most hits).  So if you want to see what my blog is about you’ll be directed to a kayak review.  There’s no original art work, no photos, and no music, just a kayak review.  A person looking at my blog from the viewpoint of this review may miss the fact that the focus of my blog is writing, creativity and such.

Needless to say, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this review.  It generates traffic, so what’s not to love?  It projects an image that, while not totally wrong, isn’t really totally right either, so what’s not to hate?

I’m not complaining, I just think it’s kind of funny.  Not laugh, ha-ha kind of funny but, “Trent’s, well, you know, kind of funny,” funny.  And please, that’s not the same as, “Hey Honey, something in the ‘frige smells kind of funny.”  Of course I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the Jackson Journey Kayak, funny response or no.

You know, now that I think about it, I actually like the review and stand behind it 100%.  In fact I totally embrace it.  I invite the kayakers of the world to flock to my blog.  I’ve written several posts about kayaking and I’ll continue to write about kayaking.  Come check ‘em out.

So I’ll just be proud of my high ranking in at least one Google search and hope for more.  My goal is, of course, that if you use “writing creativity and such” as a search term on Google, Trent’s World Blog will come out on top, or at least at number three.  Now that’s what I’m looking for.


Image by Trent P McDonald

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