It’s All About Timing

Ring - Your Past is Calling

Heh, heh, we sure did have fun back then, didn’t we?

 Hey, that reminds me: I pulled out a few tapes of the band the other day.  I had almost forgotten how great we were.  Do you remember playing The Forum back in the spring of ’82?  Nobody could touch us.  Nobody.  Not even the big boys.

Our problem was timing – when we started in ’78 or ’79 the future of prog-rock seemed assured.  But then the 80’s came….  Even Yes did a 3-minute-made-for-MTV song.  Thinking of Yes, you should listen to our “Roundabout”.  Your guitar playing was just phenomenal, you know: Steve who what were when?  Howe?  We were riding on the top of the world and the music was great, but then short attention span syndrome ruined it all.

I agree, it’s a shame.

Or was a shame, because, guess what my friend, 70’s prog-rock has returned.

I went to a prog-rock festival in Philly last summer and it was great!  A stadium full of screaming fans, the sound of droning synths and wailing guitars filling the air –just like back in the day.  The energy!  It took me back…  And we were so much better than just about anybody I heard at that show.  Since that concert I’ve been pounding the keys again.  I practice the piano about 6 hours a day and spend the rest of my time writing.  You should hear my new stuff, man, it blows away anything we did back then.  And equipment!  For one thing, I can get any of those dream synths as software and it all sounds just as good.  Better.  All I need is a couple of controllers and a laptop.  Sure, having a digital piano and such helps.

What?  How do I find the time?

I always hated being an actuary.  I just felt so constrained.  I’m an artist!  I realized that this is my dream and so I quit my job; let some kid have it.  He’d probably have been downsized if I didn’t go and I’m sure he needs it more than me.

No, it’s not a midlife crisis, it’s me being true to myself after all these years.  Anyway, that’s why I called – I need you.  You have the soul of Gilmour, the chops of Howe, the imagination of Belew and the intelligence of Fripp.  You…

What’s that?  You haven’t touched your guitar in decades?

Why not?!?

Take my advice, now would be the perfect time to pick it back up.  You could be great again.  We can really make something of it this time.  We could…



Sorry, I got a little carried away.

I understand.

Mouths to feed and such, I know.  And college.  Yes, tuition is up.

You’re so lucky you found a career you like.  Can I at least send you a CD?  Give you a web address of some samples?

A huh.  I see.

No, I’m not upset.

Hey, do know what happened to any of the other guys?  Any addresses, e-mails or phone numbers?


I tried Googling them.  That’s how I found you.  I also tried Facebook and MySpace.  No go.


OK, I should get going too.  You know, so much to do.  Stay in touch. Say hi to Susan for me.

You haven’t seen her since ’85?  I’m sorry…

Hey, it was nice talking to you.  Don’t be a stranger.  Bye.


Note – I wrote this a few years back using the prompt “a 50 something year old is trying to get “The Band” back together”.


Image by Trent P McDonald

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