A Review of my Fiction Posts to Date

Fiction-Note – I just put this up as a “Page”, but I like the image so much I wanted to do a post of it too. ; )

Although I often portray myself as a man of all arts, when you get right down to it I’m a writer of fiction. My character driven stories often have a bit of the fantastic to them and sometimes can be considered fantasy or science fiction. I’ll let you be the judge on how to classify them. Below are links to the stories I’ve posted here so far.

A New Life
A series of tongue in cheek stories about a poor, misunderstood creature. These stories are all 750 words or less.
First Day Out  First Day Out – We are introduced to our hero on a walk in the park.

Apple The Garden – The park didn’t work, so a walled garden might be the ticket to get fresh air and sunshine.

On the Internet nobody On the Internet Nobody Knows You’re a Monster – Our hero has discovered the Internet

Dinner Guest The Dinner Guest – It’s Valentine’s Day and the doctor has a date. Our hero wants to meet her.


Stand Alone
A wide range of stories on many topics.

eyes Laura’s Eyes – He’s obsessed with Laura. Is it him or is there really something about her eyes?

snowstorm I’ve Seen Worse – A snowstorm makes a winter hike on a small New Hampshire mountain a bit more than bargained for.

Île de la Cité, Paris - 2011 A Brief Encounter – What is it about Paris? A ride on an RER train brings a hint of romance.

Cafe Thursday Morning Coffee Club – The Thursday morning ritual between old friends turns frosty.

blac khole A Love that Lasts Forever – Michelle and Scott have a daring plan involving a black hole. Does the need to explore outweigh the risks?

Dragon Ship Drake Skräcködla – Dreams of dragons and Vikings on the Scandinavian coast. A bit of a fantasy.

Ring - Your Past is Calling It’s All About Timing – After thirty years apart is it possible to get the band back together?

Roman Forum With Limited Vision – Looking at the Roman Forum from a different point of view. Bordering on fantasy.

city Our Story – How does it feel to have your world ripped apart by the horrors of war?

Pyschodelic Music From the Sounds of Silence to the Wall of Sound – A look at music of the 1960’s from the view point of a five year old child.

black A Few of My Favorite Things – In a deep funk?  Have a bad case of the blues?  Ken looks for a way to snap out of it.

Beach What the Beach Tells Me – A walk on the beach on a beautiful Spring day turns Martha’s mind to the sea and beyond.



Note – With one exception all of these stories were written specifically for this blog

Color Pencil Drawing by Trent P McDonald


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