Morning Visitors

Silver Shadow

Silver dark shadow
Glimpse of white ghost in the trees
Morning visitor

I leave for work at 5:30 AM. For the last few weeks I haven’t been alone when I made my way to the car. As soon as I close the back door I hear rustling, sometimes heavy hoof beats. The first few times the porch light was on and all I could see were a few white objects in the trees. Our back yard is maybe 30 feet of grass and then a steep, wooded hill. There are still patches of snow on the hill. The white objects floated slightly above eye level just under the cover of the first branches.

After seeing the white hind-quarters a few times I decided to leave the porch light off. Although I still spooked the big beasties I could now see them, silver shadows amongst the trees. They would stand still, not 20 yards away, watching as I would get in my car and leave. Sometimes if I moved too quickly they would go up the hill a little higher to safer ground.

One morning I looked out a second floor window and saw a deer not 10 feet from the house. It had snowed a couple of wet, heavy inches of slush so the deer was eating one of our ornamental shrubs. It saw me in the window and slipped into the woods, which at that point comes even closer to the house.

I like my morning visitors. I don’t even care if they eat the shrubbery when the grass is covered in snow. I hope to see more of them.


Drawing by Trent P McDonald

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