Changes Champion

In youthful days
She was my mistress
Her favor I sought to wear
By my questing heart
As older I grew
More mysterious she became
I dreamed I had tamed her
But a younger man
Is her champion now
Are my ways so set
That I cannot
In my middle age
Win her kerchief
To wear on my helm?
Will a fool I appear
If I seek her out
And try to win
Her glorious glance?
The troubadours
Will once again
In words quite hushed
Speak of our romance

Ah, youth. In years gone by I used to thrive on change, celebrate and, when I could, instigate it. As a normal human being, I grew more comfortable in my ways as I aged. Habits formed. Routines and patterns governed my life. I grew complacent. I had forgotten my old sweetheart, change. “The kids these days. When I was their age, I used to…” Was I really growing into that old man I always joked about?

I’m no longer on the bleeding edge but I do enjoy keeping up with what’s going on. OK, culturally I’m a caveman, but science and technology and some of those other areas?

I want to jump back into this kaleidoscopic world of change. I revel in it. I want to once again instigate it.

So here’s to change. May I once again be her champion and wear her favor by my heart.


Note – I’m sure you can tell I don’t draw horses very often.

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