Will o’ the Wisp

Will o' the Wisp

Will o’ the wisp
Beaconing bright
I will chase you
Into the night
The glow in my mind
I grasp where you stand
Only to find
There’s naught in my hand
Will o’ the wisp
Flickering light
I will catch you
But not tonight


As a child I once saw a Will o’ the Wisp floating on the edge of the woods.  The adults, of course, called it “swamp gas” even though there was no boggy areas around.  This little phrase can mean so much more than a spectral light floating in the woods.


7 thoughts on “Will o’ the Wisp

  1. erikleo

    Hi Trent
    Sorry to bother you, but could you help me please? I notice your images are larger that standard: how do you set up images to post larger format?


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I didn’t realize I was doing anything different. I think it’s the theme I use. I make sure the pictures go in full size and center them.



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