Sunrise/Sunset – All on the Longest Day (Almost)

It was the longest day of the year. OK, I exaggerate. It was the day before the longest day of the year. I woke up a little before 5 AM on Friday June 19. Even though I was at “The Camp” it was a work day. I walked down to Swan Pond. It was gorgeous, the mist hanging just ever the smooth surface. I went back and grabbed my camera.


I had a full work day. I was also able to get out and kayak after work. I got a lot accomplished. The day was very long, but in a good way.

I forget the exact time. I walked back to Swan Pond. I say that as if it’s quite the hike. Actually, it’s maybe 100 yards/meters. This time I remembered the camera. The clouds were gorgeous over the mirror of the water.


Although it wasn’t quite the longest day of the year, it was close. On the actual longest day, Saturday, I was maybe 30 minutes too late in the morning, but I did watch the sunset again. But on Friday I caught both ends.

Hope you enjoy the slightly pre-solstice.

Note – I’m not at home so I don’t have Photoshop. All I did with the images is resize them slightly for easier upload.

8 thoughts on “Sunrise/Sunset – All on the Longest Day (Almost)

  1. sherinsk

    Hey trent mirror over water i loved that line.Nature always amazes right?i couldn’t all those places and things you mentioned there but i believe you took a small boat into the river took this breathtaking images.Am i right?


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Sherin! I woke up early and took the first picture from land very close to were I am staying – the sun is just about to rise in the east.. Later in the day, standing at the same spot, I took a picture of the sun setting in the west. This far north these pictures were taken about 14 hours apart. Six months from now sunrise to sun set will be less than 9 hours apart.



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