Part 7 New Life Series (AKA Frank)

I can’t believe how stupid I was. I should’ve seen it coming. Maybe I should’ve covered my tracks better. Perhaps I shouldn’t have downloaded the half a terabyte of books, pictures and video. A man’s got to learn, doesn’t he? Not that I’m human, but you know what I mean.

I’ll take you back to yesterday evening so you know my plight.

The doctor was going away for a business trip with his Russian assistant. I can never get his assistant’s name right. It’s something like Ivan or Ian. No, that last one can’t be right, it’s not Slavic. No matter, what’s important is he only takes this assistant if he’s doing “field research”. Since some frown on this type of research, he usually does it late at night. I knew I had the evening to myself.

As soon as the doctor was gone I snuck out of my dungeon and up to his office. The computer was at a log-in prompt. Perfect.

One of the first things I had done when I started using the doctor’s computer was create a new, hidden account. I tried logging into that account. “Invalid User Name or Password”. I tried again but still no dice. I knew my name and password. What was going on? Two more tries and two more strikes.

I next tried the doctor’s account. He must have changed his password because I couldn’t get in that way either.

OK, I didn’t panic. I had created a backdoor to the computer by programming custom log-in files. These files were the same size and had the same date-stamp as the original Windows files. Since I made them, no anti-virus program would be looking for them. The files hid an emergency backdoor account.

I still couldn’t get on.  The doctor either found and replaced the files or he reloaded Windows. Since my other account couldn’t be accessed I guessed he had reloaded Windows.

I tried to reboot to a DVD with my little hacker’s kit. This would allow me to gain access to the drive so I could put my custom files back in place. Reboot then F12 as it came up so I could choose the boot device and…

Hmmm, he must have changed the BIOS.

I tried to enter the BIOS but it required a password. I started with his most usual password and it didn’t work. I tried the next. No dice. I tried a third. A warning came up telling me I was locked out for 10 minutes.

“So, it was just as I thought. Having fun, are we?”

I jumped.

The doctor was standing at the door, arms crossed disapprovingly across his chest.

“I brought my computer to an expert I know,” the doctor said. “He’s a professor at my school and runs a global “Black Hat” club. He was totally baffled. Over half of the hard drive was hidden. Windows said it was there and free, but it couldn’t be access. There were no new partitions, nothing that he could find that would show the space as free yet block all access to it.

“My friend then noticed that most of the Windows files had been changed. The size and date-stamps all seemed correct for this version and update of Windows, but they all looked wrong on the disk, their signatures weren’t right. He could only guess at the functions.

“We swapped the drive out so he can analyze the old one. I decided to set a trap. Looks like it worked.”

The doctor frowned at me. I smiled weakly back.

“Dr. H. thinks only the government could have done such a hack job,” the doctor said. “He broke into secured systems for the FBI, CIA and NSA looking for a lead but couldn’t find anything. He then tried the Pentagon. He found a reference to an intelligence organization so secret that even a sideways reference to it requires a clearance ten levels above Top Secret. He guessed that group must be behind the hack. I knew better but didn’t tell him my suspicions. Let’s just say you are even more secret than that.”

He continued to stare at me. “What are we to do with you,” he muttered as if to himself.

“Get me my own computer so I don’t have to hack into yours?” I asked.

He laughed without humor. “For now,” he said, “lock yourself back in your room. We’ll discuss it in the morning.”

It’s now morning. I’m awaiting my fate.

7 thoughts on “Caught!

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’ll give you small hint – “Dr. F” is -not- going to unmake him and try to make one who looks just like him. He’ll be a little nicer than that. Actually, I have ideas for the next three installments but I’m not sure where I’ll go after that.


  1. mbarkersimpson

    Wow, what a great story. I haven’t read the previous instalments but I was pulled right in from the start. I liked the voice of the character and the suspense. Nicely done :-)


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Melissa! If you didn’t figure it out from this installment, Frank’s full name is Frank Norman (usually just the initial) Stone. “The doctor” (not to be confused with “the Doctor”) belongs to the International Malicious Association of Disturbed Scientists (International MAD Scientists). If you want to see some of the others, there are links to all of the stories on my “Fiction” page.



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