A World Away


I caught a glimpse
Of the universe that is you
The light of another
Had entered my cell
For a moment my heart sang
Then the veil fell
Curtains shuttered
The window closed once again
Although skin may touch
How often do souls entangle?
Can we truly ever escape
The prison that is self?
Do far flung rivers
Share a common flow?
Do the roots of our islands
Occasionally merge on the sea floor?
At our guarded windows
Lonely we look out
Inviting others to look in
I caught a glimpse
Of the universe that is you
But it’s out of reach now
It’s a world away

Yes, today is supposed to be “Haiku Tuesday” on my blog and this poem is a little longer than a haiku. Oh well, I’m sure the haiku lovers will get over it.

On the subject of haiku, this poem is a sequel to a haiku I posted a few weeks ago, The Window. As a sequel I am using the same drawing.


7 thoughts on “A World Away

  1. trentpmcd Post author

    Reblogged this on Trent's World (the Blog) and commented:

    I haven’t posted a new poem for my “Tuesday Poetics” in ages. I decided to go back two years and see what I would find. Here is a little something about those wonderful times when for a fleeting moment you’ve truly seen another person. Go take a look!


  2. pranita patra

    Hi Trent

    Its a beautiful poem, I did read its prequel “The window”, I really like this one too, the second para especially :) We are forever quietly wanting and hoping for someone too look in and see us, the real us.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Pranita! I thought you might like it since some of your poems have been on similar themes. I think that need for someone to look in and see the “real us” is a very human trait that we all share.



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