Media Mondays

Bartelby - Paint

A while ago I came up with a schedule. As part of my schedule I had a “First Monday Image” and “Third Monday Sound”. It seems that I’ve actually been basing most of my Monday posts around images and have only occasionally had posts about music. Worse yet, the music posts usually weren’t on the third week.

To solve that problem I am introducing “Media Monday”.   Every Monday I will have a post that features some sort of media. Most of the time it will be photos. Quite possibly I’ll put up a drawing, a painting or computer art. There might also be a post about music, and not necessarily my music. Of course I might put up a post featuring a video or some other type of media. You just don’t know. All you do know is that Monday’s posts will feature some sort of media.

I don’t have anything new, so I’ll put up ten of my favorite media centric posts, posts covering all media.

Things that Fly – Mostly bird photos, including some pretty close pictures of Osprey and Eagles

The Magic Wand (Color ) – A short story of magic told in 6 drawings.

Hamlet Symphony, 2nd Movement – The second movement of a symphony I wrote a few years ago, describing why I made some of the choices I did and how it fits into my interpretation of Hamlet.

Rue – Two poems about the streets of Paris complete with photos. From 3 different visits.

Prelude in Ab Minor – A description on the thought process behind one of my preludes in a series of 24 Preludes

Hybrid Self Portrait – I describe the process I went through to make a portrait starting with a pencil drawing and ending with a computer painting.

Elliot Carter McDonald – A photo memorial for my boxer that passed away this winter.

Careful What You Wish For – Prelude to Sonata – A started with a prelude. The people asked for more. I ended with a sonata.

A Great Day in Harlem – This post centered on a photograph taken over 55 years ago and a documentary based on that photo. It was a great day indeed.

A Few of My Favorite Things – A short story inspired by a Coltrane song.

Of course there are many more that feature media.  Happy exploring.



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