Taking Terns

Warning! This post may be pun-ishment for some! Please don’t tern away, just look at the pictures if you can’t take any more bad puns.

Walking on the beach I had been missing certain birds. The other day I took a picture of a bird flying by and said, “Now at least I have a picture of a tern!” Or was it “Now I have a picture of a Least Tern?”

Least Tern

Least Terns are tiny, about seven inches long. The flit around, though occasionally they’ll hover like a humming bird as they get ready to dive for fish, and  they can tern a pretty good living at fishing.

Least Tern Fishing

I thought this tern looked angelic, but as they say, one good tern deserves another.

One Good Tern

Here is another. I believe it is a non-breeding Forester’s Tern.

Forster's Tern

Later I saw a bunch of Common Terns.

Common Tern

Coomon terns are more than twice the size of Least Tern.  And here the birds were singing “Tern, tern, tern”.

Tern, Tern, Tern

Or perhaps the Byrds were singing “Turn, turn, turn”.

No matter, they were all going after little minnows and taking terns swimming.

Terns Swiming

Have I terned you off with bad puns yet?  I hope not because here’s a few more.

5 thoughts on “Taking Terns

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! To tell you the truth, I’m sure I’ve seen them a thousand times but never really paid attention until I went “hunting” for them. Once I realized those little birds were Terns I started seeing them every where.


  2. alienorajt

    Nice to see them all terning over a new fish, and, indeed, waiting their terns at the ocean’s ‘table’.
    A pun in the hand is worth two in the topiary!
    Good one, Trent!



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