Birthday – A Frank Adventure


Part 9 – A New Life (AKA ‘Frank’)

Wow, where does the time go? I’ve been spending at least ten hours every day going through the mountains of work Dr. F has given me and spend the rest of my waking moments studying. The doctor said he forgot that I’d started with a clean slate and so created a curriculum that began at a preschool level. I’ve been flying through everything and am up to undergraduate courses in most subjects. The doctor says I’m the first person in history to go from the rudiments of counting to differential equations in a little over two months.

Our little school helps with the monotony of my work. If you remember… oh, wait, I never told you about my work, did I?

It’s actually quite simple. I get into a computer system and download any documents Dr. F wants. Typically the systems are universities, hospitals, research facilities, government sites and such.

Sometimes the doctor makes changes to the documents and I have to put them back. That’s the hard part because I have to make it look like the documents haven’t been touched. That means file size, date-stamp, profile on the remote drive and other such things have to exactly match the original file. Not a big deal, computers are stupid and easy to fool.

This morning Dr. F took a little time to talk to me. He’s been spending more time with me lately. He once said, “Now that you’re no longer babbling like cretin I can actually stand being around you.” He laughed when I pointed out that I no longer see such remarks as compliments.

As I was saying, the doctor and I had a bit of a conversation this morning. He was reviewing my work and asked, “Do you ever read any of the files that go through your hands?”

“Of course not,” I answered. “On the first day of this job you told me not to look because of confidentiality issues. And even if I wanted to look I wouldn’t have time.”

He nodded and then asked, “Are you ever curious?”

“Sometimes,” I said. “I know most of it is for your research into genetics and microbiology. You’ve been looking into work on tissue repair and the reanimation of cells. I know your work is far in advance of most of these papers. For the most part, though, I find that the less I think about what I’m doing the easier it is for me to perform my duties. I try to save my curiosity for school.”

The doctor pulled out a few envelopes and handed them to me. They were all addressed to a Victor Francis F. While Dr. F’s first name is Victor, I know for a fact he doesn’t have a middle name.

I opened the first envelop, which was from County Hospital. A form on the inside informed me that the request for the Certificate of Live Birth for Victor Francis F. was enclosed. The birth was dated exactly 19 years before today. Victor Francis is exactly 19 today.

The next envelop was from the Social Security Administration and was a copy of Victor Francis’ Social Security card.

The third was a high school diploma for the home schooled student Victor Francis F. Graduation was this May.

I looked at the doctor and he just smiled and pointed to the last envelope. This one was from the local newspaper. There were copies of two articles.

The first article, dated a little over eight years ago, had the following headline, “Two Killed in Tragic Auto Accident”. I read the first two sentences, “The wife and son of a local geneticist were killed in an automobile accident yesterday on Rte. 35. Elizabeth F., 42, and Victor Jr., 11, were announced dead on the scene after a tractor-trailer crossed the center line and hit their car.”

The second article was dated three days later. It wasn’t an actual article but a correction. It stated that the article of the 14th was incorrect and the boy, Victor Francis F., had survived the accident and was in serious condition.

“The first article is unedited and reads exactly as printed all of those years ago,” the doctor said.

“What’s this all mean?” I asked.

“It means you are now legal,” the doctor answered. “No more hiding. You’re a real person. Happy birthday!”

Tears welled up in my eyes. “Happy birthday,” I repeated.


5 thoughts on “Birthday – A Frank Adventure

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Hi Zee. I wrote the first “Frank” as a stand alone story, almost a joke, and posted it on the first of January. People liked the story so much I decided to do more episodes and have been posting a new Frank adventure on the last day of every month. Someday i may expand it out and make a book out of the stories but that hasn’t happened yet.

      My book is a little more conventional – it’s written in 3rd person and isn’t as conversational. It is on the borderline of fantasy like this but follows a very different story.


      1. lifeconfusions

        Ooh I see, I never saw any excerpt from your book again, Is it underway? When is it coming out ^.^

        The Frank stories seem interesting too, with a little change maybe you can even turn it into children’s book :D

        By the way I like the drawing you put with this post ^.^


        1. trentpmcd Post author

          Hi Zee. I’m currently shopping for an agent. Or I should be shopping for an agent – I have an easier time writing new material than trying to sell myself. I don’t want to say too much about the content before I have someone interested in it.

          I could see Frank being aimed at 10 to 12 year olds. I’ve only thought about make it into a book in the abstract and haven’t thought too much about the details, but making it a book for the age group between children books and young adult might work.

          I had started with a new picture for each new episode of Frank but when I did this one I stopped. This is the fifth time I’ve used it. If you include the “Frank Home Page” ( this was actually the sixth time.


          1. lifeconfusions

            Oh well it’s alright, the book will come out whenever it’s the right time till then you can keep writing new material !

            That’s what I thought about Frank, It’s seemed perfect to me if directed at that age group you mentioned. Maybe soon you’ll be shopping for it’s agent too ;)
            You can include the illustrations in too, as you have on the Frank’s page. It will be pretty awesome in my opinion ! ^.^

            Liked by 1 person


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