September 2014 – Month in Review (for Trent’s World)

Dabble - Sketch by Trent P McDonald

September was a good month here at Trent’s World. In fact September is now the top month for views and views-per-day. Not only that, I had my best view day, a record that has stood since March. Despite those numbers only one new post has squeaked into my top 20 posts of all time, though if you count all of the individual views of pictures my post “Cape Cod, August 2014” would be in the top 10. Of course most of the all-time top posts have accumulated views over time so it’s not too late for one of the new posts to make it to the top of the board.

Note – One issue with WordPress, which I always complain about, is it doesn’t count views from the Reader. I have had posts with over a dozen likes and 5 comments before receiving a single view. That being said, here are my top ten posts for September according to number of views, lowest to highest.

10. Back to Work
9. Remembrance
8. Changes
7. Without Seeing – Poems usually don’t receive many views since the can be read in the viewer. This received more views than most of my poems and tied for most likes of all posts this month.
6. Cape Cod, August 2014 – Looking at views of individual pictures this would be #1. It tied for most likes and is in third for most comments, though that would be first if comments on pictures were included.
5. 200! – tied for most comments and third most likes
4. Osprey Hour & Midair Battle – second most likes
3.Review of Jackson Journey Kayak – One of my very first posts is in the top five every month because of search engine traffic.  It is the all time top post by a very wide margin.
2. Natural Born Artist – tied for most comments and third most likes
1. Figure Drawing and Nude Studies – posted in late August this is beginning to pick up a lot of search engine traffic.

Slow Down didn’t get enough views for this list but came in second place for number of likes.

From a standpoint of views, likes and comments, my post Fly ended up at the bottom (that’s not counting reposting old material, which always fares badly).  This was by far my longest post ever.  The post Here and There also didn’t fare well because of the length.

With my new schedule Wednesdays are supposed to be for looking forward, not reflecting on the past. I’ve decided to make a slight adjustment to the schedule. First, Wednesdays can be posts about the blog and blogging. Besides that, the first day of the month can be about the previous month. As I said, the schedule is not shiseled in stone and wasn’t handed down to me at the top of mountain.

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