The Jungle of My Dreams


I search for you in the jungle of my dreams. You’ve escaped me yet I can still feel your breath on my neck.

I know; I said ‘escape’. How can you escape from me if I never had you in the first place? I thought I did, but when I went to touch you, my hand only gathered mist.

Were you ever real or did I just imagine you? The important people of my life have become only ghosts of memories, not the flesh and blood of the present, and I wonder if anyone ever existed or if I’ve always been searching the jungle.

Your eyes, though, how could I’ve imagined those?

What are you and where are you? Are you a succubus out of the distant past come to haunt me? But I saw you with my open eyes; I still have your notes and texts. Your written words are full of promises for my dreams.   You said my dreams, our dreams, could come true but we had to let them play out. I believed you, let you sweeten my nights.

I first met you coming out of my jungle dream. You greeted me by name, knew the shape of my heart. When I awoke I took you for a pleasant figment that would quickly fade.

Imagine my surprise to find your first note and receive your first text. Imaginary friends don’t leave physical traces.

You were waiting for me at the jungle’s edge the next night; and the night after that; and after that; and every night.

The more I saw you in my dreams the more real you became. In my waking hours I started seeing you wave from a passing car or an upper floor window. Then you were walking on the other side of the street. You got closer and closer. I continued to find your notes. You continued to send me texts from phone number 000-000-0000.

I’d see your eyes in a crowd and become paralyzed. I’d hear you whisper in my ear, but nobody would be there.

Last night you finally sat at my table. Your eyes blazed. I asked you your name but you only smiled. I asked if you were real, if we could finally be together in the world, if you’d come to stay. You seemed frozen around your smile, a still photo made 3D sitting in front of me. I reached to take your hand and you were gone.

When I fell asleep I went to the jungle and looked. I thought I heard you laugh. I entered and started searching. The jungle is deep, endless. It grows denser. Memories of the outside world fade. I see your face in my mind’s eye, mocking. I know you’re just ahead. I push on.

I don’t know how long it’s been, but I’m still searching, searching for you in the jungle of my dreams.

I know, this is a little different for me. For some reason the first sentence came to me and I had to make a short story to fit. I hope you enjoyed.

3 thoughts on “The Jungle of My Dreams

  1. pranita patra

    The first thing I must say is that Trent, the eyes in the sketch are hypnotizing indeed, even before I started reading the story, I simply stared at them.. The eyes in the butterfly.. so real and well they pull you in. And the story I found it gripping, it had the mysterious appeal and a kind of thrill too.. :) I really liked this one.. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Pranita! After I finished and posted there was something about this that made me feel you would like it. I’m glad I was right! There was something about that phrase, it just came to mind at random and it made me write almost stream of conscious – something I rarely do. I was happy with the drawing. I was just finishing it when I saw the butterfly with the broken wing you had posted. I thought it was quite the coincidence.


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