Waiting for Spring

Snow Flower

Flower in snow – Blizzard of October 30, 2011

Yesterday I posted my Art Song, Black-Eyed Susan. After I wrote and recorded the song I decided to do a song cycle based on wildflowers. The songs would go through the year and be about the flowers from the different seasons, 7 songs in all. They would also follow the cycle of human life from birth to death. Black-eyed Susan was, of course, the last song, the song of death and remembrance. I also made a song to be the “wrapper”, played at either end of the cycle with only one line different. I wrote all of the poems but didn’t write any music. At this point in time I doubt if I will. Here is the first/last song of the cycle:

Waiting for Spring

Watching out the window –
A white-washed winter world
The wind whispers where they were
My friends, under fragile film –
Forty winks ‘neath wintry wears
Wearily, I weep

And wait

Soon the spring sun will shine
Shine and soften –
Stark snow soon to be shallow pools
Soggy sod and earthly smells

Pastel and bright
My eyes delight
Loudly shouting
Filling senses
Shining in heart and mind
Hurry, spring sun, bring them now!

Slowly! Warily!
Watching snow
Soften window
Winter scene:
Still white
Waiting, sleeping

Soon, with sun and showers, my friends will waken
Colorful flowers, joyful bloom
(Born from wintry womb) – (1st song of cycle)
(Risen from wintry tomb) – (last song of cycle)

I think of my friends and smile – I’ll see them soon.

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