If We Were Having Coffee – 11-22-2014

Morning Coffee

Hello and welcome.  Grab yourself a cup of strong French Roast.  I have tea if the coffee is a little much for you.  From the picture you should be able to guess that I’m at home in new Hampshire.

Thinking of that picture, do you see that stack of electronics behind the coffee cup?  This week I’ve been spend huge amounts of time playing that collection of Old School Analog Circuitry known as a minimoog Voyager.  For some reason the need to create music is returning with a vengeance and this time the outlet is mostly old fashioned (read 1960s/1970s style) analog synthesis.  I’ve also been practicing my piano.  Wow, do I need the practice!  I’ve gotten very rusty.

One thing I’ve noticed.  I mentioned I have a hard time keeping several arts running at once.  I used to draw pictures for at least two posts a week.  It’s been weeks since I’ve picked up a pencil.  It’s like I can devote myself to drawing or music, but not both.

I have been able to write.  Besides a week worth of posts, including a new short story, I spent quite a bit of time editing my book.  I’m taking a break from it for a couple of days and then I’ll take a run through from start to finish.  After that pass I’ll “freeze” it and call it the fourth draft.

Besides that, there’s taking care of cats, dog and parrot.  There’s work and house work to be taken care of.  and there is life to live.

Thanks for stopping by for the visit!  I hope to see you all real soon.


Note – I’ve seen the “Having Coffee” posts several times, I think starting with Part Time Monster, which now is often hosted at Just Gene’O. I also see it every week at Nerd in the Brain and often on Thoughts by Mello-Elo. It’s a feature where the “host” gives an informal talk about their week. This started as a “one-off” for me but I guess I can now say that this is a regular feature of Trent’s World…

7 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – 11-22-2014

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Hi Zee. Hope you’re having a great week. Although I’ve been playing a lot of music I haven’t recorded anything for a while. As soon as I do I’ll post it.



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