Why Haven’t You Called?

Ring - Your Past is Calling

Voicemail Transcripts for Dec 3

9:05 – Hi, it’s John. I just got into the office and I must say that I’m a bit puzzled by your message. Why are you dropping my service? We’ve worked together for years. You’ve been my best client and I’ve considered you a friend. Have I ever failed you or let you down? Please give me a call. I’m sure we can work something out.

9:28 – Hello. It’s John. I’ve been thinking. Is it because of the McGrath thing? What’s that got to do with our business relationship? Anyway, please give me a call.

10:07 – Hi, it’s John again. I understand you think my reputation has been tarnished, but please let me explain. Give me a call. Thanks.

10:15 – Or was it the Reynold’s deal? Have you ever met Reynolds? He’s six times my size. How could anyone even imagine I would be able to do something like that to him, or anyone, for that matter? It’s just rumors. I’m not even a suspect. Please call.

10:25 – Hi. Um, John again. I’m getting worried. I haven’t heard a word from your direction.

10:42 – It’s me again. Please call. Your continued business means a lot to me. Take care.

10:51 – Please call. Bye.

11:02 – Can’t we at least talk? Give me a buzz.

11:14 – OK, I know that’s a bit pathetic. I’m sorry, but I’m a little concerned. You’ve been my best client for years. Have I ever done you wrong? What’s changed? Please call.

12:30 – Look, I know what the allegations are, but I’m not a violent man. You’ve met me. Did I seem like the type who would do such a thing? Please, your business is crucial. Please call.

1:03 – If you don’t call soon I’m going to come over and rip your fucking head off. Do you hear?  Well, do you?!

1:07 – I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Please totally disregard my last message. You know I’m not the type to swear. Have you ever heard me say a bad word before?   I know it sounded awful, but I feel I’m at the end of my rope here. Please call.

1:29 – I’m sure you think I’m beginning to sound desperate, but that’s because I am. All of my clients have dropped me just because of a few silly allegations. You were my first client and have been by far my best. I need your business just to stay open. If I lose you I lose everything. I really mean everything, my business, my house my car, my… everything I’ve worked my whole life to achieve. It’s all just evaporating. Please call.

1:45 – Goodbye. Don’t let my death hang too heavy on your head. Yes, you could have prevented it, but it’s too late. It’s my fault for building such a fragile structure. Goodbye.

1:49 – I’m sorry, that was a stupid message. Look, I’m coming down to present my case in person. If you still say “no” I’ll man up and take it. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

4:14 – I’m sorry. You were just being so boneheaded, belligerent actually. I know I left in a huff afterwards. I hope you weren’t hurt too badly. Someone’s checking in on you, aren’t they? I mean, say if you, God forbid, have to go the hospital or something someone would be able to take you, couldn’t they? And you have to admit you were being melodramatic with the, “Help, I’m dying,” bit. I know there was a lot of blood, but not nearly as much as with Reynolds. Anyway, give me a call when you can and perhaps we can still work something out.

5:00 – Why haven’t you called me yet?

Note – The coroner places the time of death as between 3 PM and 4 PM on the third. Please send a patrol car to pick him up. Ensure there is backup as the suspect is considered very dangerous.


(Written for this week’s writing challenge, Countdown)

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