Greensleeves – (un)Traditional Song

Snow Tree

Greensleeves is my favorite Christmas song. OK, technically Greensleeves is not a Christmas song, it’s a song about somebody’s lover or a prostitute, but somebody once wrote religious lyrics to the tune and called it “What Child is This?” 90% of the time you hear the tune it is an instrumental and called Greensleeves.  So yeas, I guess I like listening to songs about illicit love at this time of year.

On Monday I decided to do a recording of Greensleeves. Like my last musical post this was all played on a Moog MiniMoog Voyager, which is an old school analog monophonic synthesizer. I made an un-Traditional arrangement of this Traditional song.  Here is the result of my bit of messing around with the synth on Monday:

I hope you enjoyed listening as much as I did recording.

A few quick notes: Originally I had gone through a key change and put a different song in the middle. I messed up on my counting so the middle song was a mess. Last night I took a few minutes and cut that section out. The transition of the cut out section isn’t smooth… Also, since I got a little messed up during that now deleted middle section, the last part definitely isn’t my best performance.

Listening to these problems I was going to rerecord, but when I started trying to recreate the sounds I used (remember, old school analog synth with knobs) I decided it wasn’t worth it. Well, it is worth it, but I will have to take my time and do a good recording over a period of days, not just lay down a few tracks in a matter of minutes.

Note – the music player doesn’t show up from Reader, you’ll have to click into the post to hear it.

11 thoughts on “Greensleeves – (un)Traditional Song

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Zee! I’m having a very good Christmas. I know you don’t celebrate it, but I also know you are with me in wishing for the ideas of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men (and Women) that we talk about on this holiday.


    2. trentpmcd Post author

      Oh yes, the song. It’s about 500 years old. It is typically done in an Old English style, since, although using an Italian form, it is very English. I’ve heard it done a million ways. I used a kind of bagpipe sound to at least pay tribute to the Old English, even though it is pure “old school” (1970s) style electronica.


  3. alienorajt

    Oh, Trent, you couldn’t have chosen better – I adore Green sleeves and play variations upon it on my recorder. Love your version. Thank you for brightening my day. Happy Christmas. Ali x

    Liked by 1 person


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