A Review of 2014 in Pictures

After seeing a great picture review on Priorhouse Blog I decided to do a year in review for my Media Monday.  I was originally planning on one or two pictures for each month.  Being stuck using only previously posted pictures I thought I’d be limited.  Oh no, I have the exact opposite problem.  There are so many pictures I look at and say, “Oh, this one is my favorite!”  only to say the same thing at the next picture.  So I’m going to try to stay between two and four for each month and include some drawings.

I posted the first story of my “Frank” series on January first.  It was also the first hybrid drawing I did – I made a drawing in pencil and colored it on the computer.

First Day OutAlthough it was the first, it wasn’t the last.  I actually did a post highlighting different artwork on the blog.

January was cold up in New Hampshire.  It wasn’t record breaking, but everyone agreed the winter was one to remember.

SnowAt the beginning of February I did a pictorial of my cat Albert

AlbertI did this mostly to take my mind off of Elliot.  We lost Elliot in early February.  This is is actually from just before the New Year.  It was warm and he was on the beach.

ElliotI returned to same beach when he was sick and shortly after he died.  It was cold and lifeless.

Icey WatersEven in early March the beach seemed cold, yet I walked on it when I could.  We had lost Elliot’s companion Sushi less than a month after Elliot, so the walks were for both of them.

Sushi's last photo

Sushi’s last photo

Footprints in the Sand - Cut Off

Footprints in the Sand – Cut Off

But as the month went on, life returned.  It wasn’t long before the Plovers returned.

I'm an awful birder - these are every where but I don't know the name (plover)

I’m an awful birder – these are every where but I don’t know the name (plover)

With April life returned.  The flowers came up.

1st Flowers of Spring

1st Flowers of Spring

And more birds returned.

Lesser Yellowlegs

Lesser Yellowlegs

I also did more drawings in April than in any other month, including an illustrated story, though the story was posted in early May (click picture to go to the story).

The Magic Wand 1 (color)May was an eventful month.  We picked up our puppy, Fiyero.

Fiyero Huffman McDonald

Fiyero Huffman McDonald

We visited the Cape (as always)



And I went to Ohio.  Last year I took tons of family photos.  In 2014 I stuck to nature photos:

Magnificent Eagle

Magnificent Eagle

House Sparrow coming in

House Sparrow coming in

With June came new life, including baby endangered Piping Plovers.

Piping Plover Baby

And baby swans.

Baby Swans

Baby Swans

Fiyero continued to grow through July.


As did the flowers he didn’t eat.


And the Terns did their thing

Terns Swimingunder the summer moon.

Moon - 8/8/2014August was very busy.  I went to Washington DC for a week.

White HouseMy parents visited us on Cape Cod.

My Dad reading (low light)We went on a Whale Watch

Whale Tail 1And saw tons of wild life.  In fact, I did a total of four posts of pictures from that one week alone!

Great Blue Heron in treeThings slowed down in September, but I still took a lot of pictures, including of a baby falcon I saw on the beach.

Falconthe baby swans were much bigger in September.

SwansAs did Fiyreo, here in early October.

Fiyero on "Boxer Hill"

Fiyero on “Boxer Hill”

October is the month of color.

Corner of mytown - phone phot october 18Wet Leaves on PatioThough I actually took more photos in November, including a cold sun over a salt marsh.

November sky over saltwater marshThere was still wildlife to be seen, including ducks.

Male Mallard Duck

In fact even in December I saw quite a few ducks.

American Black Ducks on the beach

and even Great Blue Herons.

Great BlueSo I still walk the beach as often as possible, missing Elliot, but happy we have Fiyero.

Even more patternsEven if Fiyero can be a bit silly at times.

cute fiyero - 12-5-2014

Well, that was my year.  And actually, this is my 300th post!  I hope you enjoyed your year as much as I did mine and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Note – Most of these pictures are larger than you see on the page.  You can click on them to get more detail.





21 thoughts on “A Review of 2014 in Pictures

  1. Prior-2001

    hi T / well I seriously wonder why I never got the pingback for the prior house blog link!
    wish I did because I somehow missed this great post!
    and now I know Fiyero’s middle name….. Huffman!
    oh / and I should know this – but have u had your 500th post yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Hi Y. Glad you found it. Yes, Huffman because we got him just after the actor (Philip Seymour) died. I did pass my 500th post, but I’m not sure if I did anything special for it. I haven’t kept track so I’m not sure where I am. I think I will do a Photo Year in Review again this year…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Prior-2001

        hi T -I actually was blogging when the Seymour news came in! I remember the culture monk was shocked big time!
        and what a nice name to honor a great star! sad sbout his personal issues….
        anyhow – I might do the review again this year too – ;)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Pingback: A Visual Year in Review | Destination Unknown

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, I love that last picture. I took it with my phone as he was lying next to me. He’s upside down in the original picture so his head is at the bottom – it’s even funnier that way, and I put it up on Instagram like that, but I thought I’d straighten t out a little before posting here.

      Liked by 1 person


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