A Quick Note About Josie


Josephine asked me why Fiyero got all of the attention.  Didn’t I know he’s a dog?!!?  And when I didn’t talk about Fiyero I just went on and on about Albert.  I wouldn’t call two posts about Albert “going-on-and-on”, but then I’m not a kitten with my little black and white nose out of joint.  And her nose is little.

Josie… OK, make all of the jokes you want about “Josie and the Pussycats”, she was named after Napoleon’s first wife.  She’s an empress, don’t you know?  Now, where was I?  Oh yes, Josie was a rescue cat.  She came from a hoarder’s house and  was one of dozens of cats.  She had a litter of kittens when she was less than six months old and two by the time she had hit a year.  We were told this stunted her growth so she will look like a kitten her whole life.

When Josie came to live with us she was hard to catch.  While the feral Albert wanted our attention, the “domestic” Josie always found ways to hide, going through the room by scurrying from hiding spot to hiding spot.

Josie is now a lot more affectionate but still hides out a lot.  That’s the main reason I have so few pictures.  She’s either being held, which she loves under her own terms, or she’s nowhere to be seen.

So now Josie can’t complain any more, though I’m sure she still will.  Her little body produces the loudest, deepest “meow” I’ve heard in my life and she uses it for protest whenever she feels she has been put upon.

The photo was a selfie from my phone.   She was up on my shoulders.  Tiny thing, isn’t she?

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