The Sky is Falling

Snow Dog

The sky is falling
Piles of it are on the ground
No quiet for dog

It’s funny. I took this picture in the middle of the first and biggest snow storm. We’ve had so much more since that I laugh at how little there is!  Wow, and I thought that was a lot of snow?

Fiyero loves the snow. He loves to romp and play. He buries toys and digs them out again. And then he romps some more.

Snow is thought of as quiet and gentle. People who think that have never seen a boxer in a snow storm.

16 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Fiyero loves the snow and you’re right, he doesn’t have to worry about hat, gloves or boots. I’m up in New Hampshire. We have gotten a huge amount of snow, though there have been years we’ve had more, but the storms are usually spaced a little farther apart!

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