Deception – A Book Review


“Deception” is a novel written by fellow blogger Eloise De Sousa.

A very bad day is made much worse when the tardy Amanda is called into her boss’ office.   With the first not-what-you-think twist of the novel, Amanda is given news of her parents’ death back in Africa. For the first time in her five years of hiding in England Amanda is forced to confront her secret past. She must return to Africa to take care of family obligations, but is persuaded to make it a working trip. To make matters worse, she finds a very strong attraction to the handsome stranger she’s paired up with on her trip to Harare, Zimbabwe.

So begins Eloise De Sousa’s “Deception”, a novel that combines the genres of Romance with Suspense.

It’s a great story. There are some twists and turns and a few places have their rollercoaster ups and downs making it a fun read. Parts of the book read as a steamy Romance, though Ms. De Sousa also has the ability to create tension, particularly in the last quarter of the book.

For the most part I like Ms. De Sousa’s writing style, though I have a few issues with her use of Point of View (PoV). It’s not awful by any means, but most of the modern novels I read tend to stick with one PoV while in “Deception” Ms. De Sousa makes more and more frequent changes as the book goes on. This is obviously thought out and carefully delineated so rarely causes confusion. The one place where there was some confusion I think the author was intentional, trying to make a tense situation even more suspenseful.

I read very little Romance and only a little more Suspense so I can’t really compare “Deception” to other books of the genre. Overall I liked it. The plot was interesting so the Romance part wasn’t just sappy diluted erotica like I’ve seen, and the action sequences were well written and tense. She has a good handle on the location of Zimbabwe so the setting feels real and not just some exotic destination for a romance.

It was a good read and recommended.  Available on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Deception – A Book Review

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Maybe I’ve been unlucky, but the few Romances I’ve read fit that description – sappy diluted erotica. Although there were a few steamy, but not graphic, scenes, this was definitely more plot and character driven.


      1. Rose Red

        Yeah I have had bad luck also and I come off to others like I am not romantic. I just have certain things that don’t do it for me. After reading Byron and Keats you develop a high standard for romance. ^_^

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