Dreams of Paris – Prelude #9 in Ab

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

I recently put together a slide show of some of the pictures I took while I was in Paris in 2011 and set them to my Prelude in Ab Major.  The music is supposed to be dreamy, wistful and full of longing.  Yes, I’d like to return to Paris.  I’ve spent more time in this fabulous city that in any but a handful of cities in the world yet I’m always ready to return.

A little over a year ago I put up a post about my Prelude in Ab.  If you like the music in the video at all you should check out some of the background.  Reading this post will also let you know why it ends on a question mark: Prelude in Ab Major

9 thoughts on “Dreams of Paris – Prelude #9 in Ab

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  2. M-R

    I commend you – you included the Museum of the Middle Ages !
    Paris is totally wonderful; and were it not for the growing internecine ‘religious’ (pfuh !) problems, it would always remain so.

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      1. aladywrites4u

        I’ve been meaning to get my Paris pics organized since we got back and yet, they still just sit there, untouched. Maybe I’ll put one of the crews on it.



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