Without Seeing (repost)

Another Red DayWithout seeing
I saw you
Without knowing
You knew me
With a sigh
You took my breath away

Without searching
I’d found you
Without reaching
You’d touched me
And then
You stole my heart away

Without listening
I heard you
Without writing
You read me
One look
You knew all I had to say

Without caring
I loved you
Without feeling
You left me
With a look
You broke my heart that day

Without seeing
You saw me
Without knowing
I knew you
I wonder if
That’s why you wouldn’t stay

Sorry if you saw this before – I didn’t have time for something new today.

25 thoughts on “Without Seeing (repost)

  1. lifeconfusions

    Wow, Trent this is definitely my most favorite poem written by you. I read in the comment you mentioned you wrote this as a challenge to put emotional content in your writing? And man you aced that !! It’s heart-breakingly beautiful ! Glad to know this is not your present state though but the beauty in this was remarkable ! :)

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          A fan and the inspiration. Well, only a little – I wasn’t writing about you, you weren’t the one who broke my heart, but I wrote it because you asked me to write something a little more emotional. So thanks! :D


              1. lifeconfusions

                Ah C’mon, we know you’ve got a heart of gold, everyone does one way or another ;)

                And I, for one, love this new direction you’ve taken with poetry, you know writing the lovey dovey stuff. I do wonder however, who’s the inspiration for this all? :D Hehe

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                1. trentpmcd Post author

                  Thanks Zee, I hope there is a heart of gold in here someplace ;)

                  As far as “my love” in the poems, it’s me, I’m narcissistic and have been spending more time with my mirror. Don’t buy that? It is all of my lovely readers! I am madly, deeply in love with you all. Of course my love poem/lullaby in many ways is for you all, or at least a handful of the people who read my words that I call “friend” :)


                    1. trentpmcd Post author

                      Yes, there are a few people that have inspired some of the poems to some extent or another. And in some ways when i write a love poem, even if i do have someone in mind, I try to make it for everyone. I mean, don’t you like a poem better if you think it’s about you while you’re reading it? Sure, when the poem is done reality sets in and you laugh at yourself for being silly, yet you are moved just because for that moment it felt like it was you. Well, at least that’s how i feel when I read love poetry :)


                    2. lifeconfusions

                      You are absolutely right Trent. That’s the best feeling in the world when you connect with words. When you think what someone wrote ,so perfectly describes your feelings. Everything you ever wanted to say…so I agree! :)

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