Pictures from Cape Cod – Late april – early May 2015

I’ve spent a bit of time on Cape Cod recently.  I was down for almost a whole week in late April/early May.  I’ve also been there the last two weekends.  Needless to say, I’ve taken tons of photos.

Usually When I have post of pictures from the Cape you’ll see nice osprey shots.  Not this time.  Although i did see some osprey, I didn’t get many shots.  I did get this one of an osprey flying with a very long stick in it’s talons.

Osprey with Stick

Even though i didn’t get any Osprey photos, I did get close to a redtailed hawk.

Red Tailed Hawk

The beaches were closed to dogs and trucks because of the Piping Plover.  I often will go out without seeing one.  This time I saw quite few  – since there are something like only 4000 of these birds in the world, that i saw at least 8 individuals is a lot.

Piping Plover

Fieryo was with me for the two weekends and Idina for the week.  Here’s Fiyero playing at the beach – NOT the beach with the Piping Plover!

Fiyero on Beach (phone)

I saw an American Oyster-catcher – strange looking bird.

American Oyster Catcher

I was walking at work and came upon this baby bunny.  To get this picture I had the phone less than a foot from it…

rabbit (phone) - at work

Anyway, here are all of the pictures including the ones from above.  Click on a picture to bring up the slide show and see all of the detail.

22 thoughts on “Pictures from Cape Cod – Late april – early May 2015

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      He was the cutest thing – he was very curious about what i was doing with my phone. He’ll have to just accept the status of facility mascot – I can’t take him away from his bunny mommy,now can I?


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Y! With Fiyero playing, I was holding one end of the “long leash” (25′) in one hand and my phone in the other trying to get a good shot – this was the best of the bunch :)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. prior

        ohhhh – that is hard to do – but you caught the action shot – nice…. and speaking of leashes, one of our “long leashes” broke last night while walking the dogs -(but we have had it forever so it was time for an upgrade) thankfully they are trained – and it worked out well til we made it home.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. trentpmcd Post author

          Thanks. We typically keep them on 6 foot leashes when they walk, but we have a long flat leash we use. We let Fiyero run around with it. If he doesn’t come when called we pick up the loose end and give it a small pull and he’ll come back. Of course if he’s running at 90 MPH it isn’t always easy to pickup the loose end ;)

          Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      There are several types of magnolias, this just happens to be in my back yard – couldn’t get the color quite right from the phone picture. the bunny. I kept putting the phone closer. He’d slip into the drain pipe then slowly come back out and sniff. He seemed very curious, but wasn’t going to get to far from that pipe! When I took the picture I could have reached over and grabbed him.

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