I’m reorganizing my creative workspace.  It’s a long, hard haul, but it must be done.  But before I go into some of the reasons I’m reorganizing, I need to explain the picture at the top.

This picture was taken in 2011 after the last time I reorganized.  I had been composing classical music and had decided to switch back to a more pop/rock/jazz sound.  I wrote my classical music directly onto manuscript paper.  At first I really did use paper, but later I used a program with virtual paper.  I had a single keyboard set up so I could play parts to make sure they sounded right.  When I moved to the more performance orient styles, I need a performance oriented set up, which I created, as witnessed by this photo.

The problem with the photo is that it is a bit of a lie.  The keyboard on the lower right, a Kawai K5, was just filling space.  I hadn’t really used it since the late 1990s when I replaced it with the Kawai K5000 siting on the digital piano to the left.  I also wasn’t using the two keyboards in the upper right.  One, an old synthesizer created by Moog but marketed by Radio Shack (!) doesn’t even work.  OK, when the picture was taken it did make sounds and I even recorded it a few times, but it quickly went back into storage.  The other one is an instrument I don’t like and so don’t play.  It’s boxed up to be sold, which I haven’t gotten around to yet.

Since this picture was taken I also have purchased more instruments – my main synthesizer is now a Moog Minimoog Voyager.  I’ve posted pictures of it – my NH “If We Were Having Coffee” photo features it, and there’s a picture on my music page.  I also recently picked u pan Arturia microbrute.  If you’ve listen to any of the newer music I’ve posted recently you have heard these instruments more than others.

So this brings us to the reorganization.  I have new instruments I need to incorporate into my setup.  It also changes my workflow when I play and record, making it easier to play the  music I need to be playing at this time. But it is so much more than that.

You see, by reorganizing my creative space I’m turning a new leaf, starting off in a new direction.  New creative juices start flowing.  I get new ideas.  When I add new equipment I add to what I have and come up with new ideas, but when I reorganize it’s as if everything is new again.  My mindset is changed.  My creativity is greatly enhanced, expanded.  I get forced out of ruts and take the path less traveled.

You may not see or hear any of the output from my new set up for a while, which hasn’t been completed anyway.  But you can be sure that I’m now doing something different, something new.

When you change your scenery or reorganize your creative space do you also get that jolt of new creative juices flowing?

8 thoughts on “Reorganization

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  3. nerdinthebrain

    Can’t wait to see the new setup! The old configuration is quite impressive…even if it isn’t all the way on the up and up. ;)

    I’ve just totally rearranged my office (again) and it has helped me to be so much more productive. Now that my desk is in front of the window facing our back field, I’m much more likely to want to be in my office. Much, much better than staring at a wall. :D

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I can imagine – I don’t know if I could get anything done, I’d be staring out the window and daydreaming instead of working ;)

      As I said to MoSY, this is 30 years of collecting. Also it’s my Rick Wakeman impersonation ;) (look him up if you don’t know this cape wearing, Synth-hero) A lot of the differences in the new set up will be things you won’t notice, like the piano being slightly moved so it’s more playable, and some rearrangement. But I might put up a picture in late summer when it’s more complete.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. It’s a picture of almost 30 years of collecting keyboards. And my fascination with prog-rock ;) As far as numbers of keyboards, the new setup won’t be any more impressive since 3 in this picture will be replaced by 2 new ones, so I’m going down in numbers.

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