Avian Evil ;)

Common Grackle

On Monday I posted pictures that included photos from a visit to Ohio late last May.  Part of the reason I posted it is because i haven’t had time to go through the 500 pictures from this year’s visit.  That being said, I do want to share one picture as a preview.

This is a Common Grackle.  Obviously it  isn’t evil, but they do cause a mess and chase all of the other birds away from the bird feeder, sometimes staying all day and bullying the other birds who want seeds.  Looking closely at this black bird it is iridescently and  impressively colorful.

The bird feeder is just outside of my parent’s kitchen window.  The afternoon sun strikes it just right.  Even better, it is under a large tree which casts shadows out behind making an almost black background.  Being about 3 yards/meters from the window, this is as close to a studio setting for taking birds as I’ll get.  Most of the pictures I took were through the glass, but for this picture I opened the window – the grackles aren’t easily startled and just stayed there eating.

But still, if you want a picture of avian evil, can you think of a better subject?

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