I Want to be a Rock Star!

Trent's studio

Back in the very early days of my blog I wrote a post called “Pruning the Possibilities“.   The idea behind the post was that as we age and see some of our dreams die we should use it for the positive, to put more energy into our remaining dreams.  Here are the last two sentences of the post: If a dream dies don’t let that be an excuse to become depressed.  Make it an opportunity to make another dream come true.

It quickly became one of my more popular posts.  I had a lot of people on Facebook talk about it.  Of course “a lot” is a relative term, as is “popularity”.  At the time I posted it I could count my followers on my fingers and toes and have some to spare.   I was happy with 7 likes and zero comments!

I told you the last two sentences of the post, now I need to tell you the first two: OK, I have to admit it.  I’m never going to be a rock star. 

How boring!

I’ve totally changed my mind – I still want to be a Rock Star!

Long live our dreams!

17 thoughts on “I Want to be a Rock Star!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I didn’t see your name at fist and thought you were someone totally new – What is Blogcation? Well, now I know! So yes, that’s why you are in moderation again. I approved you so your posts should show up right away now.


      1. This Blog Is On Post Blogcation Clean up

        Cool, I’ll be in and out of town and working on this blog a bit. I have been toying with another blog and taking some time to breathe.

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  3. This Blog Is On Post Blogcation Clean up

    I put my seemingly hopeless dreams in a nice soft basket of fluff and give them space to grow. I’ve only had a few dreams that actually “died the death” and had to be buried.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Back when I started the blog, and wrote the original post about killing off dreams, I wanted to concentrate 100% on writing. I also wanted to get publishers/agents interested in my book. Still do, but back then I wanted writing to come up on all searches, not music. So I tried to kill off the music. Didn’t last long ;)



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