Studio Reorganization, Part II

New Studio

About 2 weeks ago I put up a post about my “studio” reorganization.  I post a picture of the old layout (see below), with it’s Rick Wakeman influenced circle of keyboards.  Of course most of those keyboards weren’t being used, but who cares?  It looked impressive.  Just look at the photo below this paragraph.


I’m done with the reorg., well at least with the heavy lifting part, and let me tell you, the Viscount digital piano is very heavy.  As you can see in the photo at the top of the page the layout is a bit more minimalistic.  Click on the picture for more detail.  You might not be able to tell but it is much more open.  I know it looks cluttered in that photo, but that’s what the wide angle lens did.

the old idea was to be able to reach every surface from my seat in the middle, including the computer keyboard.  The new idea is to be able to have room to actually play any given keyboard and not feel claustrophobia.

And that tangle of cords hanging on the back wall?  I’m beginning to build a modular system which hooks into the Moog Voyager (synthesizer on top of the piano).  It is the long box on the right that is mostly empty space.  There are a couple of other boxes that are part of the system.  Everything is patched together like a telephone switchboard from the 1940s.  Thus the tangle of cords.  Of course when you listen to my music you may think it’s a tangle of chords, but that’s another story.

I still have work to do on this, but it is very playable now.  I’ve done some work, and as I play I remember that I want to be a rock star again!

If I get enough people curious, I’ll explain what each piece of equipment is.  If nobody cares, I won’t bore you ;)

13 thoughts on “Studio Reorganization, Part II

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  4. Deb

    Very impressive. Now a question from someone who can’t play a radio without issues..why so many? My husband played guitar and while his telecaster was his baby and favorite, he also had several others, electric and acoustic. I always told him he can only play one at a time! I get that each instrument has a different sound, but still..why so many? 😊

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      With guitars each has it’s own personality and sound. In ways it’s even more so with the keyboards. The digital piano is still a piano and nothing else will feel like it or sound like it. The Moog sitting above it is very distinctive and gives the “real” Moog sound from the 70s that no instrument can give. The Kawai on the right is a very unique instrument and even more than the others there has never been an instrument made that can do what it does (if you know math, it builds sounds one sine wave at a time to create just about anything using Fourier series). So they all have very different sounds and are used for different things. They all feel different and act different.

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