The Beach Calls


Chapins Beach (phone)

Chapins Beach (phone)

The beach calls my name
For a solitary walk
Along the quiet shore
Alone with the birds
The earth, sea and sky
Filled with feathered friends
I walk with the wings and wind
Tasting the tangy salt air
I shall return soon
For the beach calls my name

Terns Swiming

I’m not blogging much because I am answering the beach’s call.  If I drop out for a day or two, you know why, though the kayak is also lonely and wants water companionship


14 thoughts on “The Beach Calls

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  2. sonyaliraphotography

    We live about 1 hr from two different beaches on the Gulf Coast. We had planned on taking Daisy last weekend until I happen to see there was a water advisory about contaminated water with bacteria from all the flood waters washing into the gulf. A few days later the other beach had it. I guess to be safe we will wait about a month so we can take Daisy. Have a great time and enjoy the sound of the beach. Great pictures.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Our current dogs haven’t been to the beach Elliot loved it Fiyero is very sensitive to the heat. Right now the one beach he can go to is closed to dogs because of the nesting birds.

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