Briseis: That was Yesterday – Video


Last year I posted a song, “Briseis: That was yesterday”, which is based loosely on The Iliad.  I had at one time written a poem/song cycle based on Homer’s great work but seen from the eyes of Achilleus, or, using the better known Roman version, Achilles.  The song cycle would have been called, and may still  be if I finish it, “Songs of Achilleus”*.

The song, “Brisies: That was yesterday”, takes place just after Agamemnon, in the ultimate political slap down, takes the woman Brisies away from Achilleus by force.  Schilleus knows he can’t fight the whole Greek army who he has sworn allegiance to, so he stands by and lets it happen.  In this song he realizes that he is in love with the woman who started out as a spoil of war.  (For a much fuller description see original post.)

I would call the genre of the song a light Progressive Rock.

I bring all of this up because I made a video of the song.  I used a slightly different version than I posted before, I hope a better version.  Let me know what you think!

(If you don’t see the video, click here)

* Note – I am using the Greek version because the song cycle is based on other Greek stories besides just the Iliad and uses the Greek version of the hero.  Achilleus was not made invincible by his mother and he bleeds in the Iliad.  Since the Romans identified with the Trojans, they wanted there to be a supernatural reason why Achilles, as they called him, could kick Trojan butt.


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