New Morning


A growing glow
Blood and fire sweeping
Across an Indigo sea
“Red in the morning”
They say
“Sailors take warning”
But I take not heed
For my heart thrills
Oh, the possibilities
Pink tendrils of steam
In front of lavender hills
Summer heat
Still rising
After a short summer night
I drive into the red as it shifts to fuchsia and orange
But the black behind just deepens
Thunderstorms follow
But they are life giving
Full of redeeming rain
To keep the world young and green
Making fresh, once again
Another day
A new day
And what does it have in store
For me
And for you?

Photo taken on way into work this morning

6 thoughts on “New Morning

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      That’s the way of it, this morning more than most since I forgot to set my alarm, the new day came as a surprise. But yeah, a corner has been turned and a new day arrived.



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