The Green Forest of Friends


Like an astronaut
A separate satellite
Orbiting the world
Just a thin sheet
Between me
And the void
A speck of dust
A dot
But you see through that, don’t you?
You see the green forest of friends
Many lives interconnected
So you can’t tell were one begins and one ends
Each an organic part of the whole


Phone photos taken out of my home-office window.

9 thoughts on “The Green Forest of Friends

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Not my normal office, which is the basement of a windowless building, not my home office, i.e., my back yard. Luckily I can work from home (telework) 3 days a week. But I can’t really see this view from my desks (I have separate desks for “real work” and for my personal use – it is tight) unless I get up.

      There isn’t someone out there inspiring those beautiful poems you’ve posted recently? I guess look at my pictures and pretend you see a wall of green out of your window ;)



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