Life in New Hampshire


I have shaken hands with sitting presidents, future presidents and previous presidents.  I am talking about “The President of the United States”, aka POTUS, “the leader of the free world” presidents.  Also too many Senators (past, present and future) to count.  Congressmen and women?  Dime a dozen.  And there are always Governors, not to mention cabinet members.

You might be thinking, “Wow, Trent is much more important than I ever imagined!”  That is, unless you live in New Hampshire.  It only takes the desire to meet these people and you can.  It’s a benefit of living in the state that hosts the first presidential primary of the campaign.  If there are only a couple of really big name candidates running for one of the parties, yes, it’s a little harder, but not impossible.  Some years it seems that one party or the other has more candidates than there are people in the state.

"Trent, what are you doing? Put the camera down and listen."

“Trent, what are you doing? Put the camera down and listen.”

Fellow New Hampshire blogger Wendy Thomas knows this first hand.  Her teenage daughters have taken it upon themselves to get selfies with all of the candidates from both parties.  Wendy has helped as long as they promise to sit through the campaign speeches as a learning experience.  I’m not sure if they have them all yet, but the last I heard they had at least 19 and had been featured on many national news channels..

There are few places in the world that politics is as hands on as new Hampshire.  Most of the time I let it go by, but sometimes I do participate.  So far this year I’ve only seen one candidate.  Any guesses who?

Note –  This post is just for fun.  Please keep bad comments about any candidate, Democrat or Republican, out of it.  Any partisan politic bickering WILL be deleted.

Hillary again

8 thoughts on “Life in New Hampshire

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  2. Master of Something Yet

    How do you stand it, Trent? Seems to us here that your Presidential campaigns go on for years!
    Those girls would have their job cut out for them on the Republican side from what I hear. (Have they got one with The Hair yet?)


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I don’t watch TV, that’s how I stand it. Yes, they do sometimes go on for years! The girls have gotten most of the Republicans, including Trump. When they went to the Trump event they were recognized and pulled to the side. When he arrived the first thing he did was go have his selfie taken with them.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      That’s one thing here (New Hampshire): we do see a lot of the big names, but they are here campaigning, not living their normal lives doing what normal people do. Cool you used to see Sarkozy a lot, though personally I think I’d rather see his wife ;)

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