Summer Day of My Youth (Throwback Thursday)


Nothing is more intriguing
Than what’s under that rock
Knee deep in cool water
Tiptoed across
Sun baked stone
On the oven shore
To explore
The muddy stream
That holds the secret
To life and all
But then I hear
My bike does call
Wind in the hair
Going nowhere
Yet everywhere
Miles of countryside
The August corn
Fragrant and tall
The pavement universe
My all
Totally free
Nowhere to be
Summer day
Of my youth
Where is it now?
Is that forever day
Forever gone?
Have too many snows
Cooled that boy
So he no longer knows,
The flame long dowsed?
Is it gone
Even today
My heart will soar
When I explore
Some wild shore
I’ve seen a million times before
On a too familiar sea
But for the day
It’s new to me
And I remember
I am that long lost day
And that day is me

Old school photo of a person who is still me

10 thoughts on “Summer Day of My Youth (Throwback Thursday)

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