Modular Modulations

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

Just 25 second, that’s all.  The story takes much longer to tell then the song lasts.

Simply put, in music a modulation is a change of keys.  There are several main ways to do a modulation and when I was studying classical music, I studied many of them.  You see, modulation is the grease that keeps classical compositions moving, that moves them from place to place, makes it a journey instead of a song form.  When I was doing studies I usually did block chords with proper voice leading and such.  I once did a very short study with several different types of modulations, just looking at the actual change, not the set up or anything – tonic  chord -transition chord – new tonic chord – etc.  It was pretty boring on its own, but was an exercise like the thousands of others I did.  Literally thousands.

Later I entered a challenge to write a meaningful modern composition using 100 notes or less.  I dug out the modulation exercise and wrote a quick melody for clarinet with a bassoon bass line.

Great.  Skip ahead a few years to today.  I wanted to make a very short demo of my modular synthesizer, or the few pieces I currently have.  Digging through some printed out music I found something called “Modulations”.

So, quick lesson here: never throw anything away.  You never know when you’ll use it again.  And again.  And, well, you get the picture…

I think this sounds like incidental music for a show aimed at very young children. Perhaps when a character moves from one activity to another.  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Modular Modulations

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Hi Corina. I think that’s it – it starts off in one direction, points and heads towards something else, but then another thing catches its attention so it moves in another direction all in one breathless, never stopping jaunt, kind of like this sentence ;) And like a child.



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