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Do you ever look at the search terms people have used to get to your blog? Unfortunately because of privacy you can only see a small sprinkling of them, but it is sometimes fun to dig through.

I’ll admit, even though I said “fun” in the last paragraph, the search terms I see are very, very boring compared to some that I’ve seen others laugh about on their blogs. Yeah, I’m jealous.  Well, not really since i don’t really want my blog to be seen as a psychopath’s hang out.  Having a pysho-writer is bad enough, I don’t need pyscho-readers too.

Most of the search terms I see are very boring. I get a lot for a kayak review I once did. In fact, Google “Jackson Journey 14 review”. Did you notice that the Trent’s World review is in the top 5? There have been times that no matter how I termed it, my review was at the very top of the Google search.  And, funny, I received over a thousand hits for my Kindle review over the first 3 days when I put it out, each search seeming to use a different search term (there are dozens).  After the first few days there have been absolutely zero. Not a single hit.  I literally dug through 50 pages of search results and it wasn’t there.  When I was getting a hit almost every minute I had looked and it was on first page.  Did Amazon complain and get it removed from search results?

I’ve been getting a lot for my “love challenge answers”. Also at least once a week there is something about “750 word stories”. There are other writing ones, but unfortunately if you Google “who’s the next big author?” I am nowhere to be seen. But then, there is “best writen composition 2013”, misspelling and all. Or “i write creatively inspiring”, but they may have been talking about themselves, not me.

I see a lot of queries about the nude drawings I posted. Perhaps my favorite is “the world’s best nude pencil drawing” and perhaps “top most nude figures in world”. Hey, my drawings are good, but, hmm… There is also “trent naked”. I’m just wondering who wanted to see me naked. Every two or three weeks I get searches for “pictures of sex organs” or “pictures of naughty bits”. Uhm, I don’t think the nude sketches I put up really qualify. Also, if you have to write “naughty bits”, do you really have the maturity to actually appreciate them if pictures did exist on my blog? (For the record, I once put up a post “How do You Handle the naughty Bits?”, but it was about how people handle sex on their blogs.) Related, there is “what do you call the sexy bits on your body”.  Uhm, yeah, I won’t touch that one. I think “nudo blue blog” is great, but there are nude blue soldiers in my book The Fireborn, so I guess i set myself up for that one.

I get a lot of searches for my photography.  Often they are specific, like “finches in Ohio” or “osprey over water”, some general.  I’m not sure about the more than half a dozen hits for “that’s a some pictures of new Hampshire”. Did a half a dozen people use that strange phrase, or did one person like what they found so much they used it again and again?   When I saw “trent mcdonald national geographic” and thought “I wish”.

There are actually quite a few searches that were looking for me or my blog. I mean, why else would you search “what is the name of trent p mcdonald’s blog” or a search for just plain “trents world blog”. Sometimes someone wants something very specific, like “trents worlds the blog colorize fiction short picture story”. Of course, the one looking “fiyero the dog” is great.  I hope they thought “Fiyero the dog” is cute!

But what should I make of “phhttþtt”?  I don’t even know what a “þ” is.  Did a “p” and “b” collide and make a new letter? How do you interpret “don’t walk away silence full song cod with guitar”? And “boss we’ve got a problem” seems like a weird one, but I did use that line in a story.  Perhaps I will be forever known as the person who used that phrase.

As I said, I don’t get as many weird ones as some people, but I have to say I’m proud that if you Google “general thoughts in the world” you will arrive at Trent’s Wordl!  Or at least one person did.

The picture at the top?  I want to see if I get people Googling “people today using stupid graphics from the 1990s” and landing on my site ;)  This was from a web site I made in about 1996.


26 thoughts on “Search Terms

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  2. Corina

    I once wrote about missing the great sleep I had on a waterbed mattress so at least once a week I get someone searching for waterbed info. Also, my post on my brother’s mighty mo toy in the 60’s gets at least one view per week via Google. And the funny thing is that I have my blog set to not allow search engines to find it!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      No matter what, they know you’re there… When I first started blogging i didn’t really understand how it worked so I purposefully did a few posts for search engine traffic. The Kindle review was one and the Kayak was another. I still occasionally, but I try to keep it more in line with my other blog content. Like I did a review of a synthesizer that gets traffic, but sometimes post electronic music so it makes sense.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      A few of the blogs I follow do them all of the time. As i said, some of the ones they posted are pretty funny. But yes, you should check out the search words used on your blog.


  3. sonyaliraphotography

    I admit I have looked at mine and most of mine are photography related. There are a few click type sites I have no idea why they would be getting paid to click my site heck I am not getting paid to do the site lol. Maybe more investigation is needed. Only you Trent would dig so deeply.

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