To One Unseen ;)

Fast as Light Mind

I stare longingly
Into your soft brown eyes
While you…
They are brown
Aren’t they?
Your eyes, I mean
I mean
Most pictures I see
Of people on your side
Of the world
They have
Brown eyes
Is that stereotyping you?
Am I making assumptions
That should not
Be made?
So, yes,
I stare lovingly into
Your soft eyes
While you…
Is that right?
I’ve been trapped
By eyes not soft
Are yours?
Maybe your pretty eyes?
No, that sounds off
Let’s try
I fall freely
Into the deep wells
Of your eyes
Your silken black hair
Oh, sorry.
Your hair
Let’s see.
How about
I become ensnared
In your beautiful words
Flowing across
The soft glow
Of my screen
They take form
In my mind
And fill my imagination
With pictures of thought
And emotion

It’s been a while since I’ve written an “Online love” poem.  This just came to mind.  I hope you enjoy!

9 thoughts on “To One Unseen ;)

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          OK, I’ll start again ;) It’s just since I know at least a little bit about what you look like I was trying to be funny, but I do know your original comment was about the last few lines – for a person I will never meet it is the words and ideas that I fall in love with, not the eyes, hair or other body features. And you know what? It is actually that way with the people I see face to face.

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