If We Were Having Coffee for The Second Straight Day

Moog and Morning Coffee

Hi and welcome back!  I know, yesterday’s discussion was pretty serious.  It should have been!  Although we still need to think about Paris and Beirut (yes, that act of terrorism was aimed at people who support our ‘enemy’ Hezbollah, but it was an act of terrorism against innocent people!) and other places, today I want to do my normal coffee post.  So sit down and I’ll grab you a cup of very strong French Roast or some tea or other non-alcoholic beverage.

Those who visit me often will know we are in New Hampshire today.  Today looks like it will be a nice day.  Yesterday was sunny, but it was very cold and blustery.  Actually “blustery” does not even begin to describe how windy it was!  This whole week was a reminder that despite some warm weather we’ve had recently, it is November in New Hampshire.  We had a couple of days of cold rain.   So yes, time does move on.

With the return of colder weather i have started to winterize the house.  I’m a bit behind schedule, but I hope to catch up.  There are other things still on the agenda, like swapping places between the lawnmower and the snow blower.  I started raking leaves and still have a long way to go there.  But I am making progress.

Work has been very busy.  Am I sounding like a broken record there?  Am I sounding like a broken record when I say busy is good?  It is.  I do enjoy what I’m doing.

I changed my work schedule a little.  I’m starting an hour later.  Might not seem like much of a change, but I feel I have so much less time!  I typically do a lot between the time I get home from work and when I have dinner and now that time doesn’t exist.  I’m sure I will get used to it and start feeling a little less pressed for time when I’m at home, but for now I feel like I lost that hour and can’t seem to make it up.

This week has been an interesting one for blogging.  I had previously told you that October was my best month since April.  Looking back, it’s true for all stats, not just views.  November has been following suit and may actually beat October.  That’s why it was so strange when I put up a post that got zero views and zero likes during it’s first few hours.  I checked and it was on my page, but it wasn’t in the feed and I don’t think e-mails were sent.  I played with the post, changing things, saving, re-saving.  Finally it showed up in the feed.  Weird.

That post wasn’t getting much love so I put up a little joke post about it.  After I posted I found the joke was post number 600.  Ah, what a waste for my 600th post.  Oh well, that post was the best (views, visits, likes comments) for the week!  And then Wednesday evening I received notice that I had been blogging for two years.  Wednesday night was my two-year blogiversary!  So in celebration I did a Throwback Thursday post that included my very embarrassing first post!

So here is the week’s blogging recap.  Monday was a repost of my Dabbler post.  I have reposted it way too many times, but it is a favorite.  This is the post that went AWOL.  So Monday night was my 600th post, the little semi-humorous complaint.  On Tuesday I posted a late autumn poem.  On Wednesday I posted about winterizing my house.  Thursday was the two year blogiversary! post.  On Friday I posted a story about a teen hacker trying to take over the world.  Friday night I reposted a post I had previously done about Paris with a few additions.  I was very upset and just wanted to say I was thinking of Paris!  On Saturday I did a coffee post were I talked about my feelings on Friday night’s terrorist attacks.

I often spend too much time with my stats which makes me want to be able to turn off the stats for the posts I did on Paris and the other times I’ve done similar things for similar tragedies, such as the murder of children at a school in Pakistan (remember, over 130 kids were murdered? we should never forget).  I sometimes would like to say I don’t want to see the stats for those posts, they shouldn’t count.  But then, this is not a contest, there are no benefits to having few or many views, likes or comments. I’m not making money, so I guess it is good to know others are thinking about and reading about these issues.

Anyway, that’s about it for my second coffee post.  Is it OK to have 2 coffee posts in 1 week?  I hope you don’t mind.  So, that’s about it.  That’s how my week went.  And how about you?  How has your week been?  I hope it was good!  If you do a coffee post I’ll try to catch up most likely on Sunday or Monday, though no promises.  If you don’t do a coffee post, perhaps you should consider it ;)

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Part Time Monster.  You can join this week’s Coffee Share on her blog or by clicking on the “Linky“.  In fact, I encourage you to click on the “linky” to see what’s been going on in the lives of other bloggers and even join us if you haven’t before! (I’ll come back later and make the links ‘hot’)



19 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee for The Second Straight Day

  1. Corina

    It’s okay to have two. I’ve done it a couple of times.

    So you but only get home an hour later, but it’s after the time changed so it’s more than dark by the time you get home. I would not like that.

    Liked by 1 person

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