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Hi all.  I just wanted to say that I’ll be away for a few days.  In fact, this post was actually written yesterday and just put on a schedule to be put up today.  For my friends who live outside of the US, Thursday is our holiday Thanksgiving.  Traditionally this is a time when people visit family.  We are no different and will be spending most of the week with family.  So you may see me pop up to say “hi” or click “like” but I will most likely not have any more posts until the 30th.  But then again, never say never….

Talk to you all soon!

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16 thoughts on “Away….

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  3. Solveig

    Have a great thanksgiving! I am more or less doing the same thing, writing posts for the next few days, as I will be surrounded by family and won’t blog much. I cannot let thanksgiving ruin my daily posting month …

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