A Word on Words! And a Question….


This is a bit of nothing, just a quick homage to words, words in an attempt to portray the wonder of words. As readers and writers we have a love affair with words. We dance to their music in our ear and savor their delicious flavor in our mouths as we speak them. We delight in a new word or a clever combination of them.

One of the things that I’m often curious about is vocabulary. More specifically, how many different words have I used in a story? Are there any tools out there that people use? I write in MS Word. It gives a total count but it doesn’t tell me how many unique words I’ve used. I’ve played with a few different online tools. I’ll admit that I only did a few quick searches and tested just a small sampling, a handful or so, of different online tools. Of these, this was my favorite:  http://wordcounttools.com/   Yeah, the name says it all.

So, do you have a favorite tool for word count? Is there a plug in for MS Word? A standalone tool that can take Word files? You see, I am both a word nerd and a number geek and these are the types of things that interest me.

(The above sample has 208 words, of which 117 are unique (I didn’t include the web site URL).  I tried “The Halley Branch” and there were over 5200)

(BTW, I put up a so far unnoticed Smile Post today :) )

7 thoughts on “A Word on Words! And a Question….

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  2. Sarina

    The program I’m currently using for my novel writing, yWriter5 – which I wrote about some time ago on my current blog – has a very nice word count feature. Also it has a tool to tell me exactly how many times I’ve used a certain word.
    For. example the word “the” I’ve used 2574 times out of a total of 54’553 words.
    It’s an awesome writing program, especially since it is for free.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Sarina, I’ll have to take a look! Many of the online tools give that type of information but I’d rather have something on my desktop. I do like writing with Word, I just want more info, so free is good ;)

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