A Smile a Day – Day 13 – My Brain on Music

Trent's studio

I’m addicted to playing music.  I can sit down in front of the piano or my bank of synthesizers and look up and it’s 3 hours later.  It sends me to another world.

Take a look at this little TED lesson about the effects on the brain from playing music.  Real quick – most activities stimulate one part of the brain or another.  Many parts of the brain are active when we listen to music.  When we actually play music?  There is nothing that comes as close to using the whole brain brain, the brain lights up.

I’ve read about the positive effects of playing music.  It is a great brain exercise.  It also makes me feel good.  I spent a couple of hours playing last night with a smile plastered on my face and my brain lit up like a Christmas tree.

Note – I had mis-titled this originally :)  I hope you knew what I meant….

12 thoughts on “A Smile a Day – Day 13 – My Brain on Music

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  2. Master of Something Yet

    We had a clear indication of the link between abilities in maths and music when we got the Youngest Son’s end of year school report this year. While he has done middlingly well in most subjects (although he was clearly not interested at all in Geography), he scored A’s in both music and maths. Also his attributes (attention in class, completion of work, etc) for those subjects were marked as Excellent (unlike his other subjects that hovered around Good to Satisfactory). I find it all very fascinating.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Yes, there is a big correlation between music and math. I’m a mathematician (sort of) – I majored in mathematics in college. Of course I also did well in writing, sciences and such, but music and math were always my strongest subjects. I’m not surprised you’re seeing it with your Youngest Son.

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          1. prior2001

            oh but of course, ha!! and was thinking of you when two more songs came on by digital age – because even though yes, I agree with you they are very smashing pumpkins – two songs felt so pink floyd – they are morning song and hallelujah – if you get a chance to check them out let me know – if not – no biggie… have a good day T

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